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Escrito por DaveMPA1 desde ( el día sábado, 22 de diciembre, 2007 a las 19:40:06 horas :

My wife and I (mid 40’s from Pennsylvania USA) just finished a 6 night stay in Zihuatanejo. Here are some first timer trip observations

1) La Casa Que Canta is an excellent accommodation and we recommend it highly, we had a Master Suite, the views, service, staff, pools where all unbelievable. The only way I would not recommend this locat1on is if you had a physical handicap or limitation that prevented you from using stairs, this hotel has a lot of unavoidable stairs (some very long, windy and or narrow)!

2) If you like to fly fish contact Ed Kunze. He is an excellent guide and has a wealth of fishing and local knowledge. Ed got me my first Sailfish ever (on a fly rod yet). We had a fantastic day on the water raising over 10 sails and numerous Dorado. Ed has an excellent reputation on this forum and for good reason.

3) We loved just relaxing and watching the bay from our room or pool, or while walking along LaRopa. We saw so much aquatic life along the beach and in the bay including Jumping Rays (Manta?), birds diving and fighting in the air over caught fish, 2 tortoise sightings, numerous puffer fish, Sandpipers eating sand crabs etc.

4) We enjoyed the absence of Chain Type Restaurants and Tourist Traps so-much-so we actually visited the downtown often and even the Mercado which was a unique experience for two people that spoke very little Spanish. I did however have the best 6 Peso Carnita Tacos ever at the Mercado

We spent a lot of our time just relaxing and doing nothing ! I did get to go to Puerto Vicente Guerrero when we went fishing and LOVED the trip. That’s why I want 2 weeks min. next time we visit so I can do some day trips and/or split the trip up amongst 2 or 3 destinations. Next time we come maybe we will get out and explore beyond Zihuatanejo to other recommended destinations.

Thanks to everyone for the information they share on this forum it helped us have a wonderful time in Zihuatanejo!


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