Save the Bay!! Viva la Bahia!

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Escrito por Royal Laybourn desde ( el día miércoles, 02 de enero, 2008 a las 14:04:08 horas :

Just got back from a fantastic visit to Zihua! This is a very special place! Have visited all the resorts in Mexico and Zihua is the best. Part of the reason is the richness of the marine life here. Everyday there are incredible action in and on the water with marine and birdlife. Where else is the bay of a major Mexican coastal resort still living? All visitors need join the locals protesting the development of a massive and out of scale CRUISE SHIP PIER that would extend half way across the bay!! This is a threat to the very integrity of the primary values that are core values to residents and visitors alike.
Cruise Ships visit regularly now. They use tenders to shuttle passengers. ONE Cruise ship at a time is all Zihua needs. Don't let greed and development destroy the marine
life and social fabric of the bay for out of town Travel Moguls and Cruise ship corporations. Get Involved, Tell the government that you don't want this Rich Marine Enviroment devistated by this needless construction project that fails to serve the needs of Zihua's residents.

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