trip report on z, pazcuaro, santa clara and fishing

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Escrito por Bernie G desde ( el día viernes, 11 de enero, 2008 a las 19:31:37 horas :

on January 1, we arrived in zi to meet the friendly and exhorbitant taxi drivers. enough said, but we expected it. once at our hotel, bungalows adelamar, we settled in and took a leisurely stroll around town to find some of our favorite places. the first night we ate at tamales any, and had posole which we have always enjoyed. Going back to our room early, we made our contact calls and turned in for the night.
Early the next morning, we were greeted by our new friend and guide, Carlos Garcia to take us to the fishing pier as it was still quite dark (6 a.m.). We were impressed by how friendly and his english was almost impeccable. Once at the pier, we set off for a day's fishing with Arturo Landa, which turned out to be a slow day. All we caught was one sailfish. We grabbed a quick bite to eat after fishing and headed back to crash.
The next morning at the same time, we met Carlos again for a trip to Santa Clara del Cobre and Pazcuaro. We weren't exactly ready for the mountain air as most of the natives were wearing winter coats and gloves. surprise! We visited the Spanish Cathedral, and Carlos took us to a great place for a snack. The food was wonderful. Santa Clara is where they make the copper pots and pans and other items that are seen around the area. We got to see a museum, men making the copper things, and also did a little shopping. What beautiful crafts and great prices.
We went to an archeological site outside of Pazcuaro and had a Spanish speaking guide so Carlos interpreted. Santa Clara was a good 4 hours from Zi, through the mountains, but it was worth it. especially since we were with someone who knew the area and the directions. It would be extremely confusing to drive oneself. We were pleasantly surprised on what a fine driver Carlos is. An hour outside of Zi, we stopped at one of Carlos' favorite family restaurants and had an excellent meal. We returned at 8:30 that evening.
The next day, we fished. Got 3 sails and the day after that, back to one sail.
Sunday, we relaxed and enjoyed Zi. But I found my way back to the marina as Monday was free and I found another boat, the Huntress, so I could get an extra day of fishing.
The captain of the boat, Francisco, and I fished and enjoyed each other's company, landing 4 sailfish, one of tournament size. All were returned to the water.
That afternoon, Carlos took us on a country tour, where we got to a coconut plantation, and where bricks were made.
We also visited an archeological site under construction near Petatlan. It was a great tour.
Tuesday, found us fishing one final time with Arturo, where we caught 1 sailfish and 2 huge dorados (in the 20 lb. class). So our fishing was very successful. For the week, 10 sailfish, 2 dorado, and 1 shark. We got to see whales, porpoises, and lots of turtles.
The next day, Wed., was our final day. Carlos took us on a tour of Zi and Ixtapa of places we had never seen before.
This time we got to see crocodiles, iguanas, and a roseate spoonbill among other wildlife.
We ended up and Playa Linda and had a wonderful lunch before catching our plane. What wonderful memories! Fishing was excellent and we couldn't have hoped for a better guide than Carlos Garcia. We feel like we also made a new friend.
We're home, it's cold, we're sad, but we are going to start thinking about our next trip back!!!!
Hope you enjoyed this long winded trip report because we really enjoyed our trip!!!

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