Walk from La Ropa to Manzanillo 40 minutes

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Escrito por laropian desde (dsl-189-147-1-105.prod-infinitum.com.mx) el día lunes, 14 de enero, 2008 a las 11:51:01 horas :

For the more active people in Zihua we have good news.
There's a new road being built for a future subdivision adjacent to La Ropa which takes you to the top of the mountain.
If you like birds and butterflies there's plenty. It's quite safe as there's no traffic and no work being done right now so it's perfect if you like to jog or walk.
If you follow this road to the top and hang a right you can follow a path right over the mountain and it drops down to Manzanillo beach.
You'll need water and food suppplies for the trip but there's lots of shade going there first thing. Long pants and / or a machete would be handy as there's brush growing in the road in places.
Take your snorkelling gear or just hang out on the sandy beach.


For the REALLY adventurous there's a challenge right now to discover the route to Playa Larga. Instead of turning right for Manzanillo turn left and continue past the washed out road section to the next little bay. Then you turn left and go back to the airport road and follow the well travelled road to Playa Larga. That's safe but boring.
2 other choices would be the beach route which looks pretty scary; or over the top through the fields of elephant grass, then clamber over death defying cliffs and barbed wire, then use a rope to lower yourself down to the beach below. This is the Riscale(?) or Secret beach as Pacifica is now calling it (one of the many fast disappearing to the public) best beaches around here, as they bus their all-inclusive guests there.
There's an easy road over the top to Playa Larga where cold cervezas await. Take a taxi or bum a ride back or of course you can repeat the two and a half hour walk back.
I know Rob is going to warn us of the dangers of going to offbeat places like this but as more people use this road then the safer it will become.

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