Trip Report Pt 1 Dec. 21-

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Escrito por Froggie desde ( el día sábado, 19 de enero, 2008 a las 18:08:44 horas :

Well, this was our 3rd trip to Zihua & again one of our best vacations ever.
Day 1- An easy plane trip from SFO non-stop to Zihua. We take a taxi to Bungalows La Madera,; we've reserved the Platano Bungalow. We get situated & then head over to Calle Adelita to have dinner at Rufo's. Wonderful meal, hit a nearby market & get a few things for the room. Digest dinner, go for a dip in the infinity pool & sleep with the windows open, fan on, listening to the waves slapping against the shore.

Day 2- Up early & after coffee, head over to the pier to meet Amado for our day of fishing. This was the only 1 of 2 things we planned ahead of of trip is spontaneous. We had a great day out on the Burbuja (Bubble) with Amado & his son, Vidal. All together we caught a sailfish, 2 dorado's, 2 sharks. We released all but the dorado's. We saw porpoises, sea turtles, birds, & beautiful skies. The sunrise was awesome. Great conversation. We went with Amado to his restaurant on Los Gatos & they cooked our fish (mahi mahi), so we had a great lunch. Then they took us back to La Madera. Then we ended up at Bandido's to watch the Cowboys on TV.

Day 3- Went to the CM to stock up on "stuff". Our bumgalow had a fridge, microwave, coffee machine, & blender. We spent a relaxing day by the pool & evening at "home".

Day 4- Christmas Eve day...Went down the steps to MJ & Ritchies for breakfast. & then a peaceful, relaxing day around the pool. Went to the basketball courts & ate great tacos, corn on the cob, & corn soup. Joined the festivities, danced a bit on the BBCourts & then meandered back to our bungalow via the Madera footpath.

Day 5- Feliz Navidad...Breakfast at "home" & more of that "relaxing". Started my 1st watercolor painting. Later, walked over to Pollo Feliz for their roasted chicken.

Day 6- Went to Casa Cafe for breakfast, had to have their cappucino. Delicious breakfast & chatted with fellow patrons. Another relaxing day by the pool, more painting, & later went into town to Tomales Any for dinner.

More to come later, and at the end of the reports, I'll include a link to photos. Froggie & Tortuga

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