Trip Report Pt 2- Dec. 27-Dec. 31

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Escrito por Froggie desde ( el día domingo, 20 de enero, 2008 a las 19:35:54 horas :

Day 7- Woke up late & Tortuga had the kayak down on the beach; he was having a great time paddling around the bay. We went to Casa Cafe again for breakfast. They make a great fresh-squeezed apple juice. Taste like the cider mills I used to go to in the fall in Michigan. Siesta at the bungalow, swimming, painting, reading. Met Lady M & hubby at Rossy's for drinks & a great view of the sunset. We stayed & ate dinner & ended an early nite at the bungalow.

Day 8- Had coffee & then took both kayaks down to the beach, so we could both paddle around the bay. That was my 1st kayak trip & I loved it. Guess I miscounted the waves as I was coming in & we got a great photo of me paddling like mad & then stopping. You can see the wave behind me. Yes, it grabbed me sideways & over I went, when I stood up, the water was very shallow. Too bad Tortuga didn't get a pic of that. I did manage to lose my sunglasses. We went into town later for brunch at the Malibu Cafe, great food & the AC was just what I needed. Tortuga had the "Porky" & it was super. Another afternoon siesta at the bungalow & then later we walked over to La Gula for a spectacular dinner. The service was awesome & the food great.

Day 9- Tortuga found a bakery nearby & brought "home" breakfast. Lazy day today by the pool, more reading, painting, & swimming. Walked over to La Casa Vieja for dinner & watched the 1st half of the Patriots vs Giants game. Another awesome meal & quiet evening back at the bungalow. He had the Tuna K-Bobs with grilled veggies. Two giant skewers & rice. I had red chili Pork cubes...the food & the waiter made it a great evening. Those evening dips in the pool are nice too.

Day 10- Had breakfast at "home" went to the CM to get more "supplies". Walked into town to try to find a place to watch the Cowboy/Redskin game. Zorro's & Rick's were closed. Heading toward Bandidio's, we discovered a place called 3 Amigos & the game was on their TV's. So, we ended up hanging out there for the whole game. What a friendly place, the service was very professional, kind, & fun. The menu is awesome. They have great Mexican food & some American,like USDA beef & buffalo wings. Their salads are awesome & all of the produce is carefully washed & sanitized. One of the owner's, Robert, went out of his way to make us feel extremely welcome & at home. We never noticed this place mentioned on Zihua Rob's website...Jared needs to add it to his map. (The three amigos refer to 2 Mexicans & a gringo.)

Day 11- Hit the Internet Stop on the way to breakfast at Casa Cafe. Then walked into town for a bit of shopping. Tortuga got a bunch of T shirts for his students. Came back to the bungalow for a restful afternoon out by the pool. Went into town for our New Year's Evedinner. Ended up back at 3 Amigos. Watch out for that Blue Dolphin, killer drink. The shrimp diablo was incredible. Even their salsas & chips are tasty. I had the rack of Baby Back Ribs-Yum! Then we wandered over to the Basketball Courts. Live music playing & quite a crowd on the cement bleachers. Not too many people dancing, but Tortuga & I joined right in & kicked our heels to the music. The crowd even clapped along with us while we were dancing. It was great fun. After that, more people joined in & danced too. A bit later we walked the beach footpath back to our bungalow. Watched the ball drop on CNN New York time (11:00pm) & then caught the fireworks over La Ropa at midnight. Talk about a romantic evening. What a way to send off 2007!!!

Well, that's enough for now, more to come later (with pics)

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