Trip Report Pt3 - Jan. 1 - Jan. 5

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Day 12 - Feliz y Prospero Ano! Went out with the kayaks for awhile this morning. The water was a bit choppy heading toward La Ropa, so we came back into the bay by the moored boats in front of La Madera Beach. Headed over closer to Playa Principal & saw a guy fishing from an inflatable. A large bird tried to steal his lure & got snagged by the hook. He was having trouble getting it loose. Tortuga paddled over to him & offered to help, but he said he'd handle it. Don't know what happened to the bird. This time I managed to paddle into shore & jump off the kayak before a wave came, so I didn't go topsy turvy. Tortuga got the kayaks back up to the bungalow & then we played in the ocean for a bit. Had lunch & siesta at our "home". Tortuga went out to get some beer & some roast chicken from Pollo Feliz & we had dinner at "home", too.

Day 13 - I slept in & Tortuga took a kayak over to La Ropa & snorkelled for awhile. Later, I met him down at the beach, he made another perfect landing, brought the kayak up to the bungalow & we both wandered around the beach gathering shells. After a dip in the pool, we walked down Adelita & had brunch by the footbridge at Salvadors. (It's on Jared's map) Best chorizo & eggs we tasted this trip. Early nite tonite, relaxing evening at home...reading.

Day 14 - Heading into El Centro this morning to shop for some pottery after breakfast at the Malibu Cafe. They also have good cappucino. Came back for a siesta...finished another painting, reading, swimming. Started a little packing, because we head home tomorrow. Went to Tomales Any for dinner, I had to get their Pozole & Tortuga tried the Green Mole with chicken. (I like the red better) After dinner, we walked the beach footpath back one last time. CNN reported a big storm coming to the Bay Area on Fri., so we figured it might affect or plane??? Some more packing & an early nite.

Day 15 - Checkout is at noon, but mark told us no one was coming in until Sat., so it was ok if we left later in the afternoon. So, some sunbathing & swimming in the morning. Hung out by the pool all morning & early afternoon. I made sandwiches to eat at the airport while we'd be waiting. Finally, headed to the airport about 3:00 pm. When we get to the airport & check in, we find our plane is delayed...2 hours. Not bad, we kinda expected it. Hung out, ate our lunch & chatted with other people on our flight. I spend the rest of our pesos & bought a few little souvenirs for some people. Then we find out the plane is delayed about another hour. This means instead of landing at SFO at 9:11 it will most likely be midnight instead. Finally, at 9:00pm we board the plane, & they tell us we'll be landing at LAX instead 'cuz the pilots will have been in the air too long. By this time, everyone is quite upset. While people are boarding, a crew member comes on & tells us that LAX customs won't accept us & everyone has to get off the plane. It's NOT leaving tonite. They offer us some plasic wrapped yucky looking sandwiches (we pass). Finally, at about 10:00pm we're told they find rooms for all who want them & people are being loaded onto a bus. This is after reclaiming our luggage & hearing we'll have to go thru this again Sat am cuz the plane will be leaving at 9:00am. Luckily for us the bus is full & they send us by cab (paid by Alaska Airlines) to Las Brisas in Ixtapa. This, by the way is our 1st time in Ixtapa. Nice hotel, but by the time we got there it was almost 11:00pm & we've got a wake up call for 5:00am. Whew, what a day.

Day 16 - Just trying to get Home! Catch the return cab to the airport (courtesy of AA) Another waiting game, but finally the plane departs at 10:00 am. Some turbulence, better make sure the seatbelts are low & fastened tightly. As we get close to SFO, the captain says we have to circle awhile. Quite stormy out there. Then a sudden jolt & loud noise. The plane is struck by lightning!! Everyone was quite happy when we finally landed! I feel bad for the people continuing on to Seattle & Anchorage. The cancelled the rest of that flight & they had more of an adventure. Of course, as we're driving the 2 1/2 hrs to get home from the Bay Area, we hit snow about 3 miles from our home. But, we made it ok. What a way to end a "Perfect Vacation"

Here's a link to the photos. Hope it works-

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