Our trip Dec 26 - Jan 25

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Escrito por Taylor desde (S01060011d8c75ee7.vc.shawcable.net) el día miércoles, 30 de enero, 2008 a las 17:38:25 horas :

We flew out of Vancouver on Boxing Day to Mex. City and then by bus to Cuernavaca for a friend's wedding. I was actually surprised by the size of Cuernavaca, for some reason, I thought it would have been smaller. The wedding was great. It was held in the ameublos (sp) house of the bride and it was just lovely. The grandfather was in his 90's and his wife in her 80's and I was just in awe of how much care and devotion these two old people were getting from the rest of the family. They were constantly being fussed over and I can honestly say I have never seen two old people get so much attention. The Mexican people certainly know how to take care of the elderly. We spent six days in Cuernavaca and shared some wonderful hospitality from the family of the bride and groom. The weather in Cuernavaca is really nice. Not too hot and not too cold, I think it was round about 24 degrees. We ate at quite a few places, but the highlight was Casa Hidalgo, which turned out to be the best meal we had in Mexico this trip.

We then went back to Mex. City by bus and stayed there for two days at the Holiday Inn. Unfortunately, we hit on some really cold weather. I believe it's the coldest it has been in this part of Mexico for years. We had a great time visiting some of the museums in Mex. City, but my husband was very disappointed in the zocalo, as it had been completely overtaken by the large outside skating rink and just did not fit in with all that beautiful architecture. Surely, they could have put it somewhere else. We would love to go back to Mex. City, hopefully with some better weather, as it was not condusive to sightseeing, as it was so cold.

We then headed to Guanajuato, which is a beautiful place, but again it was freezing. We also made the mistake of staying in a hotel in the zocalo and as it turned out there was a disco underneath that we did not know about, so we had a couple of noisy nights. We changed our room, but it didn't make too much difference, so the moral of the story is never choose a hotel in the zocalo and make sure you look underneath and see if there is a disco or not.

We then hired a taxi to take us from Guanajuato to Morelia and as luck would have it, we broke down in the mountains. After having no sleep for 2 days, I was just about at breaking point, but because it was a taxi, the driver was able to call and get us a replacement car. I must say that at no time were we in any danger and felt completely safe with our driver. He was quite concerned about the whole thing and tried many times to figure out what was wrong with the car, as did my husband, who is a mechanic and there he was under the hood with grease up to his elbows. Of course, they did not have any tools, so couldn't do too much.

We loved Morelia. It is a great city. It looked very European to me. Lovely and clean and very safe. We only stayed for 2 days, as by this time, we were badly in need of some sun and decided to head south to Zihua a couple of days early. We stayed at the Vallidolid (sp) and really enjoyed it. Very modern hotel. We would love to go back to Morelia and will probably stay longer the next time. There is a fabulous artisan's market in an old church a few blocks from the zocalo. it is quite upscale with some beautiful furniture and pottery, well worth a visit.

We arrived in Zihua a couple of days early and boy were we glad to feel the heat. We stayed at Bungalows Madera and as always Mark and his parents were great hosts. We had a really good time and met up with our old friends at M & J Ritchies on the beach. We also made some new friends, which is real easy to do in Zihua. Yes, prices have gone up in a lot of the restaurants, but that's progress, I suppose. We all complain about other people making more money, except when it comes to ourselves. The weather was slightly cooler in the mornings and evenings, and this suited me perfectly. I think I will try and return to Zihua in January in the future, as it does seem to be a bit cooler all round. We always have great intentions of travelling around and seeing more of the surrounding area, but as usual we got stuck on Madera. It's very comfortable there and is quite a home from home. We met a couple at our hotel who are going back next year to get married, so once again we are going to Mexico next year for a wedding. We had some great meals at Rufo's, La Gula, Salvadores, Food of the World (on Calle Adelita - can't remember the Spanish name), Il Mare and of course M & J Ritchie's on Playa La Madera.

All in all it was a great trip. We would probably visit fewer cities next time, as we did not like living out of cases for so long, but now that we have done it, we wouldn't hesitate to travel around Mexico again. The buses are just great. You need to make sure that you travel first class/deluxe, as we also visited Taxco by bus and made the mistake of forgetting to ask for deluxe and had quite a bad experience on a terribly smelly, old vehicle.

The best part of our trip was returning to see our beautiful little grand daughter, who was actually born on January 4th while we were in Mexico. She wasn't supposed to be born until we got back, but the doctors decided to deliver her early. Mom and baby (Emily Ria) are both doing great (and so is my son). Sorry, this is quite a long report. If I can help with any questions, please let me know. Thanks for all the help from the posters on this board, it was very much appreciated.

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