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Escrito por Idaho Red desde ( el día viernes, 01 de febrero, 2008 a las 12:34:45 horas :

My wife and I would love to be heading for Zihua tomorrow morning. However, we will instead fly into Mex DF to begin our yearly Mexican vacation. After a visit to some Museums there we will shuttle to the Oaxaca coast. PE for the next stop, a couple of weeks enjoying the beach and surfing, we will finish off with a few days in Huatulco. Our first time in Huatulco but not on Oaxaca's coast. Thought it worth the time to check out La Crucetia, Santa Clara & Tangolundo before leaving thru DF again.

We have not given up on Zihua as a place to visit, but it has removed itself from our list of potential retirement pueblas. Mexico has so many fine towns to visit, so many beautiful zocalos to see, cities with history and charm which easily match what Zihua has to offer.

Perhaps in a few years when the crooked politicians are run out of town, and the locals can quit fighting for turf long enough to look towards the future, there will be hope once again for Zihua. We will continue to pass through town since the airport is convenient for Michoacan visits to see friends. It will be interesting to watch how the hillsides around Zihuas bay develope. I may even speculate in bare ground given the chance, but I fear the future will not lead me to build my final home there.

After touring the area again last winter, the changes we have witnessed over the last decade do not bode well. Soon I expect to take a taxi to Owen's old place. How long before Otillia's opens in Manzanillo cove? When do they push through the road linking the old plantation at LaRopa with Playa Larga or the Airport? Want to really get scared? Use Google Earth to compare the topography of say Puerto Vallarta or Acapulco to that of Zihua Bay. It won't be that difficult to cover all the hills with poorly planned development. When the area between Ixtapa and Zihua develops those squatters are going to have some pretty nice view lots for sale. I wonder how many local Zihua realtors will refuse to do business in that area based on ethics? Or how many of the locals will even care in 20 years how the ground was originally acquired? It will still be a prime area for growth. Weather or not they build the infrastructure to deal with what is enevitable (sp?).

The future is coming, will Zihua excel or suffer? For us, greener pastures, less troubled places call out in our quest for home. Vaya con Dios

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