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Escrito por labguru desde ( el día lunes, 11 de febrero, 2008 a las 09:57:07 horas :

En respuesta a: Casa Kau-Kan escrito por Laurie from Illinois desde ( el día sábado, 09 de febrero, 2008 a las 08:54:40 horas :


Just got back a few weeks ago from my first trip to Zihua and spent the first three nights at Kau-Kan. It is beautiful, well-maintained, and well staffed, however, it is at the north end of Playa Larga which is a 20 minute cab ride and not within walking distance from Zihua. In fact there are no structures/buildings north of it on the beach, and very little south until you approach Barra de Potosis (several miles down the beach). It is the type of resort where you stay and get catered to (although at a considerable expense). There are about 4-5 emrada style restaurants down the beach headed south (Cuatros Hermanos, Popeyes, etc.)which all have phenomenal food at extremely cheap rates. Very rural. Also - if walking the beach at night, it is totally safe with the exception of the "no-see-ums". These bugs will make your ankles look like you have the plague. Put bugspray on your legs. Lastly, if you desire to go into Zihua (a must), Antonio, the manager of Casa Kau-Kan will be more than happy to call you a cab (70-150 Pesos dependent on where you are going in Zihua/Ixtapa). Soak up the privacy and sun, and have a great time.

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