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Escrito por TT from MN desde ( el día miércoles, 13 de febrero, 2008 a las 22:52:29 horas :

Day – 1. After a 5 hour delay at MSP we finally arrived in Paradise. Mechanical problems are always best discovered and fixed while on the tarmac. Luggage and customs went quickly along with a green light, we are good to go! Picked up some Peso’s at the one ATM that had cash and away we go! We are staying at the Bay View Grand this year and it is every bit as nice as we expected! Nice to stay where there are no pool chair ghouls. Beautiful grounds and pools make this place rate a return visit in April as well as in 2009. Day – 2. Off to Las Gatas after breakfast at Chili Beans. Met a few people on the way down that were truly bummed that the Onyx is closed. Met up with our friend Mario (Brisas Del Mar) at Las Gatas only to learn that his lease has been terminated (sounds like some people don’t honor a written lease anymore). He will be open until the first or second week in April, but after that he will have to find other employment. We will always be friends and try to stay in touch in the future. Day – 3. Fishing day with Mario and Captain Martin on the Osiris II. Fishing was a bit slow but Martin did a fine job of changing baits and lures. We also brought Darin from Champlin,MN along after meeting him and his girlfriend at Las Gatas. Mario was first up and landed a fine 20 Kilo Dorado. Several more strikes but no hook ups. Went through a couple of patches red tide on our way back in, but saw none near shore. Dined at Emilio’s and everyone vowed to return for more. Day – 4. Time sure flies while in Paradise! Slept in a little and had breakfast at the Golden Cookie, also picked up sweet rolls for tomorrow’s fishing adventure. Strolled the entire length of the beach a couple of times, and nearly finished my audiobook on my I-pod. Ocean temperature is cooler than normal, almost like April. Evening temperatures are the nicest we have ever experienced and it may be due to the cooler water. Early mornings on the ocean may even require a sweat shirt for some people. Met Mario for a real Mexican BBQ at his house and had a very good time eating laughing and looking at wedding pictures and pictures of his children and family. Day – 5. Another picture perfect day starting with a fishing expedition with Captain Martin. Cooler water temperatures seem to be slowing the fishing. That and God knows how many long line drift fisherman who decimate the sailfish population. Martin did a fine job on his end, but no fish were cooperating today. Saw a whale breaching, and more turtles than I could count. A few Dolphins also appeared. Stopped for a couple of margaritas at Lily’s and watched all the fishermen return. A few fish were hung up for pictures, and I trulely hope that they could not be released for some other reason than pictures. We will be spending more time in Z – Town now that our fishing is done, we also hope to visit Petlatan and Barre de Potosi next week with our friends from ND.
The people of this area are always friendly and helpful to us tourists, and I hope this will never change!

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