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Escrito por Laura desde ( el día sábado, 23 de febrero, 2008 a las 16:43:08 horas :

En respuesta a: beach ATV's escrito por Hutch#1 desde ( el día sábado, 23 de febrero, 2008 a las 11:18:24 horas :

Otro bravo Hutch1!! This can be a big part of getting this stopped. I think many demandas (formal complaints) made with profepa and semarnap against the tour company and operators can be helpful. The publicity against this to the general public as here on this message board, explaining why it's problematic, can be helpful.

I've also run into that "I've lived here all my life and so have the right to do what I want" (hinted of course is the 'don't you Gringos try to tell me what to do') I heard it once from a Mexican woman selling the Valentin project and often with ATV and truck operators on the beach.

My response to that is 'How sad that having had the privilege and blessing to live in such an amazing place all your life that you would choose to use your resources to destroy it for short term personal gain rather than to protect it for your own future generations. Try realizing your mistake and using your resources in a positive way to protect your tierra. Si no, pues que verquenza y pierdes respeto ya, sin hablar de derecho de destruir."

Something is terribly wrong in that obviously machista attitude and must not be permitted even if it takes speaking to the mother of the offender to (reganar) the misguided person betraying their own place and people. It is necessary that they find a more constructive path.

Destructive egoismo is not a right given to you for being born - no matter what country. Mexican law bears out the need to protect these places and animal species. There are plenty of educated, wise intelligent Mexicans who understand why it is important. There are plenty of locals who care about their homeland more than trying to make money however and at whatever expense of others and of future generations. Those are the ones to listen to.

There are ways to make a living that are sustainable. This must be taken seriously and developed. In the not too long run, we have no other choice.

Hasta pronto,

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