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Escrito por Laura desde ( el día sábado, 23 de febrero, 2008 a las 23:43:21 horas :

En respuesta a: La Barra De Potosi escrito por SAVY desde ( el día viernes, 22 de febrero, 2008 a las 13:04:42 horas :

I missed this post somehow earlier! Let's see if I can give a descr1ption that can work with your reference point.

La Barra is a village of three longer streets crossed by three shorter streets. These three streets run perpendicular to the beach road at the end of it's 10k trajectory (I'm guessing he mileage) starting at the airport and ending at the enramada restaurants along the lagoon of Potosi.

One one side of the village - west- is the beautiful beach of La Barra. To the south is an 11 hectar coconut plantation separating the village from the lagoon. To the East is more lagoon as it curves around is and comes right up to the edge of the last village cross street during the rainy season. To the north is more coconut plantation you will have seen while driving in (on the left side of the road).

Everything in La Barra is within walking distance. We have about 650 people including the 165 children (from kinder through high school) on our distribution list for the school supplies we collect through the Children's Library Project. Most families are still supported through fishing divided between lagoon and ocean fishing. Most of the enramada restaurants are still owned by locals in the village or people from nearby towns like El Barrio some of whom have been here since before the village or even the road existed.

Besides the 20 enramada restaurants lining the beach and lagoon, the village itself has about 6 little stores where you can get various and sundry food and beach and everyday items. It has 4 or 5 little evening restaurants serving fabulous tacos, enchiladas, sopes, hot tortas (sandwiches) at prices that are hard to believe (for being cheap). they open at 7 m and stay open until around 10 or 10:30 pm.

The village also has a lovely chapel, a kindergarden, the Children's Library, several shops selling stationary, clothing (there are also two seamstresses who can take your measurements and having something wonderful ready in two days or less) - all on the center street. And now three or four places you can stay including your's humbly (Casa del Encanto B&B). To me, the village itself with it's daily rhythym is like a beautiful dream. Walking through it is a pleasure.

Along the beach we have our primary and secondary schools and in recent years more and more small B&Bs and private homes many of which are owned by foreigners from the States and Canada, with some owners from Mexico and other countries including England and France. I think there are now 7 or 8 lovely small B&Bs and bungalow places. Also on the beach we have one tall hotel (6 floors) called Hotel Barra de Potosi (check the archives before booking).

There are also a number of private homes now for rent along the beach stretching several kilometers all the way (now beyond La Barra moving into the next area) to the next part of the 18 k long beach called in it's entirety 'Playa Larga' (divided into three parts: Barra de Potosi, Playa Blanca and Playa Larga). This next area is called Playa Blanca (known also locally as Los Farrollones) when you get to Las Manantiales and eventually Hotel Las Palmas and finally Las Posas where Treetops is and then the airport.

Visitors are always welcome to stop by the village of La Barra and see what we can proudly show of the village and surrounding area including the lagoon, the beach and inside the village itself -the kinder, the Children's Library and Casa del Encanto...besides just enjoying the pleasure of seeing how the fishermen and their families live including sitting in the shade of a huge umbrella tree knitting their nets children playing in the street, vendors hawking their wares etc. I am so in love with this place! After living here for almost 12 years, my love for it has only increased.

You ended up at one of the 20 enramada restaurants which line the beach and lagoon. This particular one is near the end of the lineup and faces the lagoon itself, called Margaritas. My personal favorite is La Condesa which is the first on the lineup and faces the ocean. I also like Que Vuelvan Las Gaviotas or Leticias at the corner facing the lagoon and the Hill of Guamilule and Los Manglares on the other side (home of the well missed Sharkboy).

Here are some of the activities you might enjoy here with a little more time:

Motorized boat tours of the lagoon,

Kayaking the lagoon exploring it's mangrove tree-lined canals that are indeed full of spectacular birdlife, horseback riding (my favorite ride it to the Turtle Sanctuary Beach on the other side of the sand bar which gives La Barra it's name. This beach is to the south and stretches something like 15 k to Valentine lagoon... incredible beauty),

Ocean and lagoon swimming and fishing. You did experience the pleasure of watching the local kids throwing the nets!

Ocean excursion for snorkeling and fishing with good local captains

Hiking up the Hill of Guamilule (an hour and steep) to see an incredible panoramic view from Ixtapa to the north all the way to the pyramids at La Chole and the church at Petatlan to the south.

Massage. Walking a little way to the north of the enramada restaurants on the gorgeous beach of La Barra itself and only a few minutes up, you could have had an excellent massage by Lupe (on Casa del Encanto Beach property just past the Hotel Barra de Potosi) in a comfortable private cabana at $250 pesos pr hour Swedish and Reflexology (really really good!)

This is all besides relaxing in a hammock and feasting on fresh seafood between ocean swimming, lagoon wading and swimming, reading, more feasting, listening to the roving musicians, watching the boats come in and the Mexican families play on the beach, etc right there in your favorite enramada.

You will find me at Casa del Encanto on the third block on the middle fo the three streets of the village just past the Children's Library. Please do stop by to say hello anytime you are in La Barra again. Just have your driver ask for the casa de Dona Laura inside the village itself of Barra de Potosi.

hasta pronto,

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