Our Vacation!

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Escrito por Marianne desde (gbydsl-p1-65.solarus.net) el día domingo, 24 de febrero, 2008 a las 14:59:16 horas :

We got back from Zihua last night (2 weeks). It was fabulous. I think Zihua is simply paradise. Was plenty hot enough (85 F?), sunny every day, and cooled off nice at night. This was our 4th trip to Zihua, and I'm done going elsewhere. Our house was only one block from Playa Madera plus we could walk into town. I don't understand why people pay more for a hotel room in Ixtapa than we did for a house. Heard several vacationers staying in Ixtapa say they couldn't even get a chair around the pool.

Have a few years yet, but want to live there 3 months when I retire. Maybe a small apartment?

Got back to tons of snow, with more tomorrow. Took two men 4 hours to shovel off my roof. Hate Wisconsin!

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