Zihua 2008 Trip Report

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Escrito por Freddy desde (207-47-146-115.regn.hsdb.sasknet.sk.ca) el día domingo, 24 de febrero, 2008 a las 19:20:17 horas :

One week ago my wife and I returned from a fantastic three week stay. As last year, we stayed at La Ceiba at the south end of La Ropa behind Rossy's on the beach. As this was our second time back, we felt we knew the area a little better but were still amazed by the pulse.
I guess the great thing about Zihua is that you can do as little or as much as you want. We hung out out at Paty's mar y mar on La Ropa practically daily and the few times we didn't we were over at Ottellia's on Las Gatas. Nothing better than lazy days on the beach enjoying the Bohemia beer and Pina Coladas!! The snorkeling at Las Gatas was good, but we took a boat ride over to Manzanillo to snorkel there. This little spot was great (I did scuba there last year) we saw tons of rays, a couple turtles and plenty of tropical fish. The other trip we took was a fishing trip. It started at the pier at 6:00 am and we were out till 2:00pm. We went out 20-25 miles and although we caught no fish that day, the sights were amazing. Dolphins, turtles, whales, rays, and plenty of birds circling and seeming to play as we trolled along. The sunrise was spectacular from sea as opposed to land. The price was very fair-all 4 of us (we had friends with us) was 2000 pesos.

Because the weather was always perfect, we decided the beach was the best way to spend the bulk of the day. However later in the afternoon after a hot shower we'd either walk or grab a collectivo into downtown. We ate at many spots, some good, some great never a bad meal. Pollo Loco, one of my favs is only 38 pesos for a quarter chicken meal. The pozole and tamales in pozole alley were unreal!!! I couldn't beleive you could eat a safe and good meal with beers and tacos for two for under 100 pesos!!! Every bite that night I was thinking of montezumas' revenge but it never happened, and the food was as tasty as anything here at home if not better. Tried the pizza at D'Angelos Italian which was great! His brocheta appetizer and profitterals for dessert were deadly! The gelato across from the basketball courts became an addictive habit also!!! For the high end gastro we hit Il Mare, La Calla, Kau Kan, and Il Marre again for valentines supper. Every experience was equally awesome in different ways. My wife's and my personal favorite will always be Il Mare, they seemingly can do no wrong with their cooking. The pasta San Remo and their tuna grilled rare were out of this world good. La Cala's ambience and carpaccio were to die for!!! Kau Kan's stuffed potato (with lobster) was orgasmic on every bite! Don't diet and come to Zihua you'll be sorry!!!! I'm a coffee nut as well. The espressos from the organic coffee were second to none I enjoyed in Rome, which was realy impressive!

As far as nightly events were concerned we were lucky enough to be their during Independance day, Sailfest, and Carnaval 2008. The streets were abuzz with parades with outrageous floats (in color that is) that embraced the love to live attitude by most of the locals. It was so fun to photograph and get into the spirit during the festival. It seemed every night for about 9 days consecutive something was happening at the courts and downtown. We enjoyed walking home down "lovebird promenade" past Madera and along La Ropa to our condo. Although we were never out past 10:30, I never felt remotely unsafe walking about freely. Meeting people from last year again at Paty's - Dave and Kim from Chicago, Paul from Minnesota, and Phil in Toronto was really cool to. There were many more as well hopefully we'll all bump into each other again. The nationality does not ever matter when sharing a beer with a friend from afar and I sure will do it again next January!!!!

Needless to say we are thoroughly sold on the beauty and charm of Zihua. I would be disheartened to see something ugly like that pier proposal happen. I don't see how that would help anyone but a select few. The cruise ships were only there once to twice a week this year (last year there were more) . The sight of one is bad enough let alone three or four. So with that said hopefully the local movement of dedicated citizens will help curtail the project all together. I believe in the concept of Zihua as a town first......

So to wrap it up perfect weather, ample shopping (the little we did!), amazing dining, and great heartbeat are important to you like me, check it out!!! If more a partier, goto Ixtapa. I hate getting caught up in a place but I can't imagine a better eutopia to escape to in my precious vacation time. Only another 46 weeks till I'm back and you can bet I'll be counting down the days!!!! Our friends we brought down were well travelled also and they couldn't get over how every day was great and the simplicity of getting there. Zihua is my idea of paradise!
Enjoy your vacation!!!!

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