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Escrito por LadyM in Zihua desde ( el día domingo, 24 de febrero, 2008 a las 21:46:20 horas :

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Reminded me of our first time flying in here to the airport that was where Berta Von Glumer school is now. WOW! I was not a seasoned traveler and my son who was only 10 years old was my flying partner. We left northern Arkansas in a snowstorm on the 30th of Dec. 1972. We were to arrive in Zihua on New Years Eve. Due to bad no fault of ours our plane landed in Mexico City after the plane to Zihua already left. I did not know what to do as I spoke no Spanish, was recovering from surgery, and had a kid with me. Somewhere I had read that Howard Hughes had made an airline put him up in a hotel when it was their fault he missed his connection sooooo I figured if he could do it so could I. After speaking to several people at the airline desk they finally gave us a hotel, vouchers for food, and sent us in a cab to the Holiday Inn close to the airport. The next morning when we boarded our plane we sat there for about 20 minutes and someone came on board to tell us that the pilot was drunk from a big party he had gone to the night before and we would be waiting for another to be called.

About an hour later a pilot and co-pilot boarded and we were off in the little 17 passenger plane with the food and drink being passed forward by the people who sat behind you. All the food and drink was in a cooler at the back of the plane. No bathroom.

About 20 minutes into the flight with my 10 year old asking dozens of questions of the pilot, the pilot came and sat with me and my 10 year old sat in the cockpit with the co-pilot and asked the questions of him. The pilot answered all the questions I could think of asking and then about 15 minutes of "flying the plane" my son came and sat with me again. We were on the seats right behind the cockpit with nothing shutting out the view. Wonderful memories for my son. Do not believe that could have ever happened again.

So because of plane difficulties I arrived in Zihua the first time on Jan. 1st, 1973 instead of Dec. 31st, 1972.

The old airport soon closed and the new International airport opened. What a change.

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