How Cri-Cri Got His Nickname

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Escrito por Craig Scheiner desde ( el día lunes, 25 de febrero, 2008 a las 14:05:53 horas :

The picture above is Gene Lysaker AKA Cri-Cri.

Here is the story of how he came to be called Cri-Cri in his own words.

After WWIII attended the Minneapolis College of Art & Design. After graduation I spent about 25 years as an Art Director with a publishing company. Early in my career, I started going to Zihuatanejo. At first for a few weeks, and later for 3 months a year.

I was always taking photos of the people, and especially the children. I started taking photos, and bringing back 8" X 10" pictures of the school children the following winter.
Most of the families had no photos of their kids. So after a few years, I was bringing over 100 pictures back each time. Early on, I started shooting 4 - 5 children at a time. Mothers would dress their kids in their best clothing and stand by the hotel waiting for me to come out. They were too shy to ask so I would just snap away.

When I first started I would (instead of saying cheese) I would say “click” or “click-click.” They would call back, “click-click.” They had trouble with the word. Soon it evolved into CRI CRI, or Spanish for cricket. Now, for all those years I am "Cricket" to all the people. Even old ladies.

Many of the homes still have my pictures of their children hanging on their walls. If you happen to go into "Bananas" restaurant, ask the boss to show you the picture I took of him when he was about 10 years old. It is hanging in his bedroom.

After about 20 years I started going to other places off the beaten path; South America and the South Pacific Islands, places I had been to during the war. Every few years I would return to Zihuatanejo again. One day I happened to be out exercising and I was walking on the sand in front of the Avila. I heard someone call CRI CRI. It was a naval Officer. He was heading over to the customs office. We shook hands, then he reached Into his brief case and took out an old 8 X 10 photo of himself that I had taken when he was 8-10 years old. Those memories really make a old guy feel good.

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