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We just returned from 2 very busy weeks in Zihua and the surrounding area.
We arrived Fri afternoon and after quickly unpacking we headed to Rufios for an excellent meal and even better margaritas. The next 5 days were spent visiting Las Gatas, Isla Ixtapa and La Ropa. All were as we found them last year - warm and wonderful. We tried some new restaurants and revisited ones we liked last year. I was insistant on going to El Pueblito on Sunday for the lamb barbeque as we had an excellent meal there last year. I even invited 3 couples in from their ixtapa resort and raved about this wonderful restaurant. Unfortunately it was a disaster!! They were out of shrimp, the lamb was fatty and very poorly done, and the ribs were inedible. Of the 8 meals ordered not one was even rated as fair. It was the same night as the carnaval parade so maybe their regular cook was taking the night off. We were however not disappointed with our visit to The Captain's Daughter, The Three Amigos, or the Casa Cafe. They are still first rate.
On Wed. we decided to head to the mountains for some new sights and adventures. We took the bus to Patzcuaro and spent two nights at La Casa Encantada and highly recommend this B&B. Great locat1on and heated mattress pads which you really need at night. They arranged a local guide which took us on a 3 hour walking tour. So worth the time to learn about the town from a local. I found some unique wooden laquered items which Patzcuaro is known for.
We then had a guide take us to Santa Clara Cobre where I could have bought so much more if not for the weight restriction at the airport. I did manage to fit a bathroom sink in my suitcase and it made it home in fine condition. Every time I was my hands in it I will fondly remember my time in Mexico. We spent a day going to the Monarch Butterfly Sanctuary and it was incredible. My only suggestion is - do not go on a weekend. There were 24 tour buses of locals there. We had friends go on Wed. and they said they were often the only ones on the trail. It was well worth the time and huge effort to climb that hill. It is a sight that cannot be described but needs to be seen to be appreciated. We were told that by mid March most of the butterflies will be gone.
We also spent time in Quiroga and surrounding area. Great area to experience the warmth of the people.
We then headed back to Troncones for 4 days on the beach to soak up some rays before returning to frigid Alberta.
There is a new restuarant called Roberto's Bistro which serves Argentinian beef and it was the best meal in our two week vacation. Do not miss it if you are in Troncones.
I have been learning a bit of Spanish through home study courses and it comes in so handy especially when travelling in out of the way places. The locals are such lovely people, they never laugh at my poor pronounciation and seem happy that I am even making the effort. It spurs me on to continue with the studies. My goal is to be fluent someday -if I live that long! Es muy dificil.

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