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Escrito por WI LAURIE desde (we0.wepco.com) el día jueves, 28 de febrero, 2008 a las 13:20:47 horas :

We are just back from our wonderful 10-night trip to Ixtapa/Zihua. We stayed at Dorado Pacifico and enjoyed it very much - in spite of the somewhat cooler temperatures, it was a wonderful trip, as always. Previous 10 visits were at Emporio (formerly Riviera) and one year at Barcelo. We had heard that Dorado was being purchased by Barcelo and would change to A/I next year. This is not apparantly true - a customer service person who was surveying guests around the pool at Dorado told me that the negotiations did not reach an agreement, so the Dorado will continue as is. Most of our favorite restaurants etc. are still operating - thank Goodness! But business was down and overall, in Ixtapa, tourism seems lower. The Sunday night festivities at the basketball court in Zihua were busy, as always. And what's up with the Ixtapa marina restaurants - not one was open for breakfast, although the marina looked very full. We hope for continued success to our friends who own/manage restaurants in Ixtapa, and that even those travellers who do the A/I support the local businesses as often as possible. Build it into your budgets, because you won't be disappointed! We look forward (already) to next year!

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