Bungalows La Madera?

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Escrito por Kate desde (CPE-24-209-138-83.wi.res.rr.com) el día viernes, 29 de febrero, 2008 a las 15:15:18 horas :

Hi! My husband and I are planning our fist trip to Zihua for next February, and this website has been so helpful so far! We're looking at possibly staying at Bungalows La Madera. Any recent reports? It looks great on their website! I just sent then an inquiry about the Coconut room, is that the best one or should I be looking at another one?

We know it won't be like an average big beach hotel, which is exactly what we like about it. We actually looked into renting a couple of condos, but so far two if the three that we were interested in and are in our price range are booked for the time we're interested in. One of them offered us the first week in March as an alternate, but Bungalows La Madera looks like it would suit us just fine, and hopefully will be available for our first choice week.

Any other thoughts/suggestions? We'd like something close to the beach, comfortable (my days of adventure travel in truly rustic accommodations are in the past...), for under about $125/night. We'd like somewhere where we can at least make coffee and toast in the morning before heading out to a long day of lying in the sun drinking beer. :)

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