First Leg

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Escrito por Paul desde ( el día sábado, 01 de marzo, 2008 a las 20:17:31 horas :

Our first leg is over and now we can enjoy paradise at Pacifica.

We left Mt. Sterling Sunday instead of Tuesday because Kathie's Aunt who would have been 95 passed away Wed and we had the funeral Monday.

Tuesday woke up to over 6in of snow in Chicago- more snow than we had all year at home.

We had a 2:20am flight out of Chicago for Mexico City Wed morning. At 2:15 we had already pulled away from the gate and awaiting instructions to take off. Soon as the plane got level, they came with the cart with snacks and drinks.

The 3 of us had vodka with tomato juice with our snack compliments of Mexicana. Was really surprised with the changes for the better at Mexico City. We had a 4 hr layover but we had always liked that because of being in "Z" by 11:30, It seemed that there was not enough time to enjoy the cerveza before we were landing. Picked up our rental car (that's another story). Went to Heaven and Hell in Ixtapa for lunch and after hitting the ATM because the bank would not exchange for pesos, headed for Patzcuaro.

We had instructions for our hotel using the circle road and of course, I took the quick route to the Centro section of town and of course we were lost trying to find the hotel. Went by Cha Cha Cha's to have them give us directions and they were closed. Stopped at a hotel by the main square. The girl did not speak English. Using a map, follow the street we were on and at the light make a left and the next light make a right. Ok- we turned on the cobble stone road and started going up a hill into who knows where. Sure enough at the top of the street was our hotel. The EconoHotel. What a beautiful place. The back looks over Lake Patzcuaro and the islands with no obstructions. We had 2 porches at our building where you could just sit and drink your wine and enjoy the view.

Thursday we had a tour to go to 3 different towns to see 3 different type artisans. The first was well known for his carvings- especially the masks. The second was where they make hats and hand bags and other products out palm tree palms. The 3rd place makes products out of the reeds from the lake. On the way back stopped at a German restaurant known for the white fish that is from the area.

Friday morning with the tour guide went to another little town known for the sound of the hummingbirds to visit a place where they make pottery and to tour the ruins of a group of people that were destroyed by the Spaniards when they took over the area. Then Friday night went and walked about the squares in Centro Patzcuaro. My wife and her friend offered one of the guests at the hotel a ride to Troncones (he was a writer trying to get information on how the places had changed). We had a full car before we got there and now after the 2 girls bought items on our stops and you add another person and his luggage.

Well we did get everyone and everything in the car and headed back for the Coast. Made one error and got off some how and was heading to Uruapan.

We made Troncones and took him way north up the dirt road to a new hotel and dropped him off and headed back to Ixtapa.

Now sitting on our outside living area and listening to the waves hitting the rocks below and reflecting how different this trip to Paradise is. Can't wait to see what happens the next 9 days- 7 at Pacifica and 2 in "Z".

This was the first overnight trip to Patzcuaro- we are trying to figure out if we have enough air miles to fly to Morelia and rent a car to drive over to Patzcuaro. There is so much to see there.

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