The Very First Ice Cream Cone in Zihua - Cri Cri

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Escrito por Craig Scheiner desde ( el día lunes, 03 de marzo, 2008 a las 17:51:47 horas :

Cri Cri sent me this painting of his along with this great story.


I found another painting I had been looking for. Snow Cones. Pre-ice cream. I was in Zihuatanejo the day they received and started selling ICE CREAM CONES! The waiting line was over a block long. I Believe it was in the later part of the 60's.

At the same time the restaurants started getting porterhouse steaks and filet mignon steaks from Mexico City. I ordered a filet mignon at a cafe which is not there any more. It was near where the old city hall stood.

The steak looked beautiful, If a steak can be beautiful. I started cutting it and my knife would not go through. The entire center of the steak was frozen solid. The cook had never fried frozen food before. She started laughing. Soon everyone in the cafe was laughing. It was a good day.

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