Hotel humor- ya gotta love this place....

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Escrito por Manzanita desde ( el día lunes, 03 de marzo, 2008 a las 21:18:33 horas : a nut shell~ my wife crashes and breakes her leg in our La Ropa condo last week. I posted a plea for help asking for "wheelchair-friendly" hotels until she is ready to fly back to SF. Many great responses came within several hours. I ended up at Hotel J.B. because I could drive her wheelchair right into the shower...a very unique place in Mexico you will agree. So finally the humor part- posted on the bathroom are the hotel rules...the English version "we do not allow pests in our rooms, also we do not allow loud noses or scandals at any time". I stayed anyway hoping I would not get discovered having "loud noses" in the bathroom. I recommend this place as quiet-frendly-clean and wheelchair friendly.

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