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Escrito por Laura desde ( el día jueves, 06 de marzo, 2008 a las 16:22:00 horas :

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I was calling Juani to find out how come I hadn't heard!

The last time we can remember that there was any excitement in the criminal arena was when when Diego killed Don Lencho's dogs (poison) because he thought they were possibly getting his goats.

Well, Don Lencho's dogs were his family. He used to feed them his best food before he ate himself. He called them all his 'Chamacas'. Don Lencho lives in the coconut orchard alongside the lagoon and has many animals he protects and treats as his family. This includes a hive of bees that he feeds (doesn't take their honey) a tequachi, a big masacoa, and I'm sure others who live with him there in peace.

When Don Lencho found his dogs poisoned his grief was tremendous and overpowering as to him they were his children. In his overwhelming pain, he proceeded to get very, very drunk and went charging with his machete to wreak vengeance on Diego. He ran around in the street in front of Diego's house waving his machete saying he would kill Diego and all his offspring.

Someone called the police and Don Lencho was taken away to dry out in the local jail. Since, Don Lencho's grief has been private.

I tried to give him a puppy after about a year and a half. He was sad and pensive but surprised me in saying he might. He thought about it for a while but in the end, told me it didn't feel right. He hasn't had a dog since.

Diego's karma is another story.

So the children of La Barra have another scary story to tell each other for thrills... 'Don Lencho is coming!!" Add to the list... La Llorona, los Chaneques, the floating ghost around the well at night at the schoolyard, the devil...

It's very active around here but mostly on the supernatural level.

Since the Chaneques are my friends, I feel safer here than I have anywhere I have lived in my entire life. Just watch if you find yourself in between Don Lencho and Diego on a Saturday night at the billiards place... if it's late enough for a bit of alcohol to unearth demon memories...

But then it's been 6 years ago. In a tiny town it's necessary to forget grudges.

Hasta pronto,

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