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Cri Cri;
Your work is remarkable...
I do remember the days of the Flecha Roja... their moto was "Mas vale muerto que tarde". I lived in Pantla as a child and remember the days where we had to go to Zihua. Back in the late 60's and early 70's we had to take a cattle truck to Zihua, if the Salitrera river was overflown we had to get off the truck and ride a "Canastilla" (skybucket full of people pull over a wire on top-acrross the river), then there was another truck on the other side of the river that will pick up the south-boud passengers. I really enjoyed as a kid...It was fact I alwaya looked forward going to Zihua during rainy season because there was a very good chance to get on to the skybucket(Canastilla).

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