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Escrito por Canadian Rainbirds desde ( el día domingo, 09 de marzo, 2008 a las 16:16:38 horas :

En respuesta a: Puerto Vicente Guerrero escrito por hdog desde ( el día sábado, 08 de marzo, 2008 a las 23:07:26 horas :

We took a drive that way a few weeks ago and noticed what appeared from the outside a very nice hotel with pool etc. Not much else, but wished we were 20 years younger to make it worth while buying some property there! There was a writeup in February "Paradise" magazine, but it didn't mention the hotel's name, just mentioned that there were "inexpensive clean hotels in the area". Went to say excellent fishing but you need your own tackle and bait rigging experience. We are currently in Mazatlan so can't run down to check it our for you!!!

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