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Escrito por Jenny desde (rev- el día domingo, 09 de marzo, 2008 a las 17:08:46 horas :

OMG first off, Zihua is beautiful, the people are friendly, the drinks are potent, and the food is fab! DH and I have been back about a week from a much needed and well worth it vacation to a place we'd like to retire. My charge with the Sotavento is still not resolved but that's the ONLY bad thing I have to say about Zihua. Continental Air is a whole other story...........

We had very early flights on Continental, arrived to the airport in plenty of time, had our last Starbuck's for the week, and chilled. I absolutely hate to fly so thankfully I had a few prn anti-anxiety meds with me for both ways.

We arrived at Houston/Bush with literally 10 minutes to get to our next gate, 3 terminals away. Why Continental would offer that as an option is totally beyond me? Only by the grace of a higher power did we make it. That and the fact that DH does triathlons and sprinted and got there with a minute to spare. The only thing that stopped me from totally decomping was my prn anti-anxiety med ;)

We arrived to a very beautiful Zihua right on time, hit the ATM (after NOT listening to the local who said the ATM was not working), and caught a cab. And that's when my Spanish came flowing back to me.............like an old friend, it was little choppy, but I was able to converse quite well.

We arrived at the Catalina Beach Resort and at the front desk was Cesar and Celso (from this board), sweet guys!!!!! They were so nice and I fell in love with CBR right away. We checked in hassle free and headed to our deluxe bungalows. I loved it from the tile to the hammocks to the view and wow, what a view! We had number 31 and our friends had 39. I felt immediately relaxed and just soaked it all in. It was the best!!!!

We changed into our swimsuits and headed to the beach. It was about 3:30 pm and we had no problem getting a palapa. In fact we didn't have an issue the entire trip. We had plans to meet Fran (from here) at the Sunset Bar. By the time we met, I had enjoyed a LARGE margarita from Elvira's and was toasty. The peanuts at the Sunset Bar are like crack- addictive. Fran and her hubby were super sweet and full of great Zihua info which I gladly took in.

For dinner, after tres dos por unos, we sauntered back to Elvira's and had dinner. We had their coconut shrimp, fish tacos, quesadilla, and some sort of steak. It was all really good. We enjoyed many meals there throughout the trip.

The sound of the waves crashing into the ocean was PURE heaven for us. We are originally from So Cal and painfully miss that sound. Every night we slept with the windows open, sans the ac, and were blessed with that amazing sound. I didn't need any prn’s until the flight home ;)

We woke up around 9:30 the next day and that's the latest we slept the entire trip. The sunrises became too beautiful to sleep through. We were in bed by 10 pm though. The sunrise, drinks, and sunset wiped us out ;)

We headed into Commercial Mexicana to get beer, water, and snacks. We also picked up some delicious pastries from their bakery. After we headed back to the beach for drinks and sun. We took many long walks along Playa de Ropa, during the day and night and I am not sure which is more beautiful.

Tonight we had reservations at Coconut's. We all got ready and headed into town. While in town we saw a guy, not a federali, just sitting there with a handgun; is this legal?

Anyway Coconut's was good, not great, and not sure if it warrants all the hype. We had steak, carne asada, black bean soup, and some herbed chicken dish which I liked the best. The twinkle lights were nice and the Sangria was good. The service was slow. I know the service is always slow but we had to hunt down our server for the check. Maybe the guy with the handgun got him?!

After dinner we cruised around. Fun town. We had a beer at Rick's and passed by Bandito's. Our friend's shopped a little and we took in the sights. We made it over and walked the pier. The lights across were so beautiful.

Back to La Ropa for a nightcap and a walk on the beach. Amazing. I can't imagine it ever getting old.

Daily breakfast was huevos rancheros or chillaquillas at either Elvira's or Paty's. Not original but close and delicious. Weak coffee though at both places.

The next day was Troncones. Javier said he'd get a us cab driver with decent English so the guys could say what they needed. Antonio, our cab driver, was the best. He drove us to Troncones, found the guys a place to rent a board, dropped us at Roberto's and said he'd wait if we wanted. The cab fare was $30 each way. My gf and I relaxed on the beach and watched the guys surf. The waves were really big and DH did well. His buddy is a fairly green surfer but had a blast nonetheless. Lunch was at Roberto's, we bought Antonio's of course. It was a gorgeous day.

Antonio drove us back about 4 pm, we said adios, and he said he'd be back on the day we left to take us to the airport.

The days are beginning to bur so maybe I'll jut hit the highlights from here.


BEST tacos from some sweet lady in the market area next to La Perla, I think. .50 a taco. $4 and we were stuffed.

We also ate at Pollo Feliz, which tasted just like El Pollo Loco here in the US, Rossy's, Paty's, Daniel's, and Tamale Any's. Can you imagine $2 for a the best red sauced banana leaf wrapped tamale? Unreal. Their Sangria was good too. I think dinner that night was a whopping $13 before gratuity.

On the last night we ate at Linda Vista, the CBR's restaurant. I never saw more than a few people there so I was a little skeptical but our food was fantastic! I am embarrassed to say I had the linguine scampi but it was really good. The sauce was buttery and creamy but not too heavy and the shrimp were plentiful and cooked perfectly. DH had the steak fajitas. The meat was delicious.

We met lots of neat people including a couple that was there for their 60th wedding anniversary. They were darling! We also met a woman, whose name escapes me, from SF who was really fun to chat with at the beach and had been visiting Zihua for like 15 years. The Zihua crowd is a little older which was exactly what we wanted, mellow and relaxed. Our friends made it into Ixtapa but we never felt the need to leave. Having been to Cabo x3, Puerto Vallarta, and Mazatlan, I felt we weren't missing anything except maybe another $25 tee from Carlos and Charlie’s. We saw Fran and her hubby almost nightly at the Sunset Bar. They are a great couple and she's a social butterfly, meeting new people nightly. I think on the 3rd night we started not only enjoying the Sunset's dos por uno but also Paty's that started at 5 not 6.

I booked with the Catalina for early next Feb (for my 40th) for 2 weeks and this time we'll bring the kids. All of the local kids seemed to be having a blast and I think our most astounding observation was that we never saw any local kids whining. They'd sit there all day with their family selling goods without a tv, ipod, Wii, you name it and appeared perfectly content. They'd walk the beach with bowls of ceramic items, in the hot sun, and be laughing and chatting with their friends the entire time. My children could learn a few things!

The CBR: love the authenticity of the room, the tile, and bed. Yes, the bed. DH and I slept so well. He suffers with chronic back issues and loved their beds. I was very happy. A hubby sans sleep is not a happy camper. The hammocks on our balcony were so fun and the view from the deck could not be beat! We left the windows open and unlocked and our room was always comfortable. It was nice to have the little fridge and housekeeping did a good job. The stairs were never an issue either. I think they kept me from gaining the entire 10 lbs. I had planned on. Cesar, Javier, and Celso were so sweet. I think they liked us too and know they liked the case of Pacifico we gave them upon our departure.

I could ramble on and on and probably have too much but it truly was the best vacation! It had romance, alcohol, great food, amazing sunsets and sunrises, and lovely locals. And we spent less than we had planned on.

We did buy a few trinkets for the kids but really didn't find anything we hadn't before on other trips to Mexico.

I wish I had one of those .50 barbacoa tacos with cilantro and onions right now!


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