La Madera vs. La Ropa trip report

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Escrito por Senor Flojo desde ( el día lunes, 10 de marzo, 2008 a las 00:32:31 horas :

Back in the Rocky Mountains after a week of fun in the Sun in Zihuatanejo. Had the unique experience of staying in both beaches for 3 nights. First what I liked about La Madera, the proximity to town and the nice variety of restaurants just outside our door on la Calle Adelita. Had my daily jugo fix at the stand on the street. Isabel, I think the owner was very pleasant and loved to chat. We had some good meals at Casa Cafe and Rufos. Went for my daily battle in the ocean with the waves in front of MJ and Richies. Mellow and then WHAM! a set would come in and give me a tour of the bottom of the ocean. Our condo Bahia Suites had an amazing view and was my first experince with no windows. Spent much of our time just staring out into space. Town was great, loved the central market for fruit, licuados, vainilla and tortas. Walked almost every evening along the andador where we always felt safe, but uncomfortable coming across many a couple in eachothers arms. Get a room! Had a great time at the Karkis concert last Tuesday on the b-ball court. It was packed with locals and a few tourists and everyone was well behaved and friendly.

One day we took a cab to Commercial Mexicana and bought some beers, wine, and picnic supplies for our sunset cruises on the balcony. They are well stocked and have everything you could possibly need while on vacation.

Made a side trip one day with Sixto from Anfibios surfshop to Saladita for a surf session. It was a nice drive and the surf was worth the trip. The beach is pretty quiet with a enramada on the beach and a surfcamp down the way. Lots of people in the water and old guys (myself included) on longboards. Sixto is a good guide and an excellent surfer.

Now it was time to change hotels and we moved over to La Ropa and stayed at Hotel Cinco Sentidos. Wow! Once again this place was amazing. Very relaxing and well run by an efficient, ok a little eccentric German named Heiko. The rooms are georgous and the pool area is never busy. No food on site, so it was down to the beach for a meal. We wandered along the sand until we came across El Manglar. We were about to cross the bridge to the restaurant when we saw a full adult crocodile a few feet away. The fence or what was a fence would not stop the beast if she wanted a snack. No one seemed upset or worried about the animal, so we went in for a wonderful lunch of ceviche, sopa de pollo y guacamole. The nice waiter pointed out a baby croc on a rock a few feet away from the bathroooms out back by the RV's.

La Ropa was a change in that there are much more water activities (sea kayaks, parasailing, hobies, jetski, etc...) Still it was not overbearing or in your face all of the time. We found out that we liked Patty's and had breakfast and dinner there more often than the others. My favorite was a whole Hauchinango (Red Snapper in a pile of garlic) al ajo. La Perla was good, but I felt that the waiters were bothered by our presence, no muy simpaticos!

If you are a runner the hills between town and La Ropa are a challenge, however one day I was in need of running off my dessert addiction so I went the back road then up the Amuleto hill. Steep and long, but the views of the Bay and Las Gatas were worth the sweat. Our last night we splurged and had a romantic dinner at Il Mare, which was very good and once again the view was incredible.

I was having a Bohemia moment and forgot to add that we went to Letty's one night and had a special meal. The coconut shrimp was great, but my wife had a "filete relleno con camaron" which is a stuffed fish filet with shrimp inside, que rico! Letty was very persoanble and came out and we chatted about the restaurant and her business. The one thing that surprised me was that it was the only meal we had in a week where we didn't see any Mexicans eating in the restaurant? Que raro?

Also we walked one day to Las Gatas along the rocks, not bad if you have the right shoes/sandals. We were not overly impressed by the beach, seemed crowded with beach chairs and people. Had a relaxing meal at the Red del Pescador. Next door to Otillas. I was wearing my Chivas shirt (red and white stripes) and Franco is an America fan so we argued a bit and I went elsewhere. I think that it is similar to Yankees RedSox. Either you love 'em or hate 'em. Finally I left out the panaderia in downtown which had tasty pastries and delicious breads, especially wheat ones which are sometimes hard to come by in Mexico. No Bimbo para mi!

It was our first and hopefully not last trip to Zihuatanejo. Thanks to all on this board that made our trip so smooth.

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