Trip Report March 8 to 14

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The following is a record of our stay so far in beautiful Zihua. We haven’t had a bad meal yet and would recommend any of the restaurants we mention here. All meals are very inexpensive (most under $10; beer is only $1 or $2). With another week to go, we’ll update if you like. We’re looking forward to the Easter Week festivities. With Mexican school holiday, we expect an influx of visitors. We have been staying at Villas Los Arcos and cannot say enough about its beauty and hospitality from our wonderful hosts. With its king-size suites, it is geared to adults and we are enjoying the serenity.

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Taxi from airport. Arrived at Villas Los Arcos on La Ropa at 1:30 p.m. Met our host David and maid, Antonia, and maintenance man, Johnny. Tony showed us to our beautiful room, where two cold beer were a welcome sight in the refrigerator. It had been an early wakeup call (4 a.m.) and a stressful morning, worrying that the 50 cm of snow predicted in Toronto would delay our flight. No trouble though … the trip went off without a hitch. Nancy arrived with her granddaughter, Bea, and niece, Jennifer. We had a nice chat and David poured us each a shot of Centenario tequila with a Sangrita shooter. Ahh, we could feel the muscles loosening up already. We grabbed a couple of beer from Dave’s cooler (honour system) by the infinity pool and went to our second-floor El Roble suite to unpack. We headed down at 5 p.m. to Paty’s Mar y Mar (recommended by Dave) for happy hour margaritas, shrimp cocktail and tuna steak in spicy salsa. Took in the lovely sunset and strolled home to a great sleep in our comfy king-size bed. No curtains on the windows, but the screen doors on the two balconies let nice breezes through.

Sunday, March 9, 2008

We awakened at 6:30 a.m. to sounds of roosters and donkeys and a magnificent view right from our bed. Made a cup of tea in the open air kitchen and dressed for a walk to Centro. We walked up La Ropa beach to the uphill pathway (heart attack hill) to Calle Adelita, stopped for breakfast at Casa Café. It was packed and we had a great coffee at the bar while we waited for a table. I had Lisa’s Special and Mike had the Breakfast Burrito. Yummy! We headed to Centro and walked the stalls and the market. A cruise was in so the town was packed with gringos. We bought some gourmet coffee at a stand in centro and then stopped at Rick’s for a cold Sol. We bought a bottle of Tres Alegres Compadres tequila for $189 pesos at Casa Tequila and 2 kg of limes at Mercado. We hiked it to Commercial Mexicana where we stocked up on juice, water, beer, yogurt and snacks. After a long walk, we took a taxi home for 30 pesos and unpacked our groceries. We relaxed by the pool for a couple of hours and then took a taxi to town to check out the festivities at the basketball court. Very busy, but happy ambience. On the way, we stopped by Calle Adelita to find De Donde Eres that we had read a lot about. Lorna and Pedro from Casa Café (next door) were just leaving for dinner. They informed us that De Donde Eres is a must-eat, but was closed until Tuesday. They invited us to join their group of eight for dinner at Lety’s. We enjoyed the stroll and spent a delightful evening chatting and eating. We had a couple of Pacifico and I had the coconut shrimp (delicious stuffed with cream cheese) and Mike had the mahi mahi in garlic which was fantastico as well. We left the group at the gelato stand and cabbed it home for another great sleep.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Early morning awakening to sunshine and roosters. Made a pot of delicious coffee with the grounds we bought in town. Wonderful! Mike chopped naranjas, mangoes and bananas and made us a bowl with yogurt. We packed a beach bag and headed to Paty’s for the day on La Ropa. We ordered a large water which came in a bucket of ice and upon indicating that we would be staying for lunch, our waiter said the lounge chairs for the day were on the house. We relaxed, read our books and frolicked in the surf all day. For lunch we had the delicious torilla soup. Home for a margarita and shower and then hopped the autobus (10 pesos) with the locals to El Centro. We walked around and settled on Coconuts for dinner. Magnficient restaurant shrouded in greenery that is strung with thousands of tiny lights. We ordered a bottle of Mexican vino tinto for 180 pesos and had the sope de frijoles and Chili Rellenos. A taxi home and an early 9 p.m. to bed, really beginning to relax!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Learning to sleep through the animal noises, we got up at 8 a.m. and made a delicious pot of coffee. Headed down the beach and up to Calle Adelita for breakfast at El Salvador’s. Stopped on the way, after a hot walk, for refreshing orange juice at Isabel’s stand. At El Salvador’s, we each had coffee. I had the scrambled eggs with choriza and Mike had scrambled eggs a la Mexican, both with fresh tortillas. We took the foot bridge to Centro, bought more limes at Mercado and some coffee, sea salt and vanilla at a specialty shop next to Pollo Feliz. Hopped the bus home, where we snoozed by the pool for a couple of hours. Walked down to Rossy’s for fish tacos. Home for a nap. This was a very hot day with full sun. Waited for the bus for about 10 minutes at 6:45 p.m. and decided to take a taxi back down to Calle Adelita. We had the most delicious dinner at El Donde Eres (Pork Holkein Noodles and Malay Curry Chicken after a fresh shrimp roll starter and a half carafe of Chilean vino tinto). Our hosts Sabrina and her husband were delightful. Chatted a bit of malay with Shunik, who is Fijian and lived in Brunei in the early 90s, working the oil fields. Daughters Maya and Ginger played with other kids in the street. We had lived in Brunei from ’97 to ’00 so it was fun to reminisce a bit. A couple with Manitoba plates drove by with furniture they had purchased in Acapulco for their condo. We chatted with them a bit and also Karen, a lady from Calgary who now lives full time in Zi. Walked to Bandidos for a glass of wine and ran into DeeDee and her guests. Enjoyed the music for a while and grabbed a cab home for another great sleep.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

8:00 a.m.: another beautiful, sunny day. Pot of coffee, caught the headlines on CNN. Mike made us a bowl of mangoes, oranges, bananas and yogurt. Spent a few hours reading by the pool. Nancy came out and wanted assistance creating a system for her guests to enjoy beer from her cooler by the pool. Mike came up with the line, “We honour to provide cold beer to you if you honour to pay for it.” A sign outlining the prices of beer and a log book and box allowed people to pay now or on checkout. Enough big decisions made for the day, we downed a cold beer. I did my nails, Mike had a swim. Walked a different route to the beach for lunch at Rossy’s (fish tacos). Home for a shower; I tried to make a new drink advertised on the bottle of Sangrita (lime juice, tequila and Sangrita): too sour. Played a game of crib, listened to iTunes on the computer and cabbed it to Mi Chayito for a wonderful dinner of potstickers, shrimp pad thai and chicken sczhewan. Ventured over to Paccalo’s to enjoy some entertainment from the Fab 2. Darryl at the bar did a hilarious impression (strut and all) of Mick Jagger singing “Satisfaction” and Patrick from Toronto was keen to sing, beginning with “Mustang Sally” and “Kansas City” and hoping for more.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

8:00 a.m. wake-ups seem to be the norm. Mexican coffee is wonderful. We had a glass of juice and a banana with peanut butter we had brought from home. We decided to spend the day at Barra de Potosi. We packed a bag and ventured off on the local bus. We transferred at the bus station in Centro to the bus going to Los Achotes which took about 30 minutes. Then a covered pick-up with seat benches transported us to Barra de Potosi fishing village. The whole route cost 23 pesos ($2.30) each for a 45 minute ride (which took about an hour and a half with wait time). We walked around the village and lagoon and then had hueves de rancheros at La Condesa. Read in the sun and relaxed in hammocks for a couple of hours. What a magnificent beach … 16 km of unspoilt, deserted sand. Did the return route (no waiting this time) and had Pozole at Ricomar in Pozole alley (a tradition on Thursdays) and a cold Victoria. Pozole is a thick soup made from hominy, puffy white pieces of corn and either chicken or pork. It is served with condiments for doctoring the stew at your table (oregano, paprika, onion, avocado, chiles, limes and corn chips). Home for a shower and nap. While deciding what to do, the power went out at our condo. We had brought candles from home, but Nancy kindly delivered an l.e.d. light. A romantic dinner at Paty’s on La Ropa concluded the day (I had the grilled mahi mahi with garlic and Mike had chicken fajitas).

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