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Escrito por Labrat desde ( el día viernes, 14 de marzo, 2008 a las 20:27:33 horas :

Flight down, uneventful.

Check in at the Dorado, smooth.

Stay in the Master Suite, sweet!



Day three, fished (cool AM, warmed through the day) 10 Tuna to 30Lbs 1 Dorado around 40Lbs.

Yes, ate the fresh Tuna raw, at Lilly's, with Lime, Soy, and Wasabi, ....sweet!

Day four warm, Book and Beach.

Day five warm, Book and Beach.

Day six warm, Book and Beach.

Day seven cooler, wander, wander, Book and Beach. The evening turned almost foggy, with the haze obscuring the Sunset.

Day eight, flight back, again, uneventful.

The fishing was done, as usual, with Luis Maciel on the Gringo Loco, with his cousin Phillipe who Captains the Mahi Mahi, running with us as Mate. No two guys can work harder to put you on fish!!!

Lots of Book and Beach this trip, as the GF was working 75 hour weeks since Xmas, and we needed the time!

No new eateries to report, as we had three nights at Chimmy Changa's (our favorite) and one not so hot one at Chile Beans.

Dorado Eatery note: The onsite dinner spot, that used to be called the Red Onion, and is now Coco La Palm, has Greatly improved the quality of their food over what has been the norm from years past. The fish dishes have always been outstanding, but the Beef dishes, I thought, were lacking. Not so this year. I don't base this report on just this trip. I also noticed the change back in December, on a fishing outing! Kudos Dorado!!!

Ask for Marco, and he will make sure your meal in up to the New Par!!

Some pics later, after I download the camera.

Departed Minneapolis on the 6th at 4 degrees.

Arrived back in Minneapolis on the 13th at 48 degrees! What timing!!


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