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Arrived Friday February 29th for our yearly trip to Zihuatanejo, 11 days this time. Saw lots, did lots but thought most would be interested in the restaurants. After the first night we pledged to try only places we had not eaten at before. On previous trips have been to many of the favorites like Kau Kan, Il Mare, La Gula, Tamales Y Atoles Any and others. It still amazes me how many good restaurants there are in Zihuatanejo. Breakfast was usually fresh squeezed juice and something small on the street below Hotel Irma. Lunch was usually on the beach so the report is mainly dinner restaurants.

Friday 2/29 – Porto Mare – Arrived in the afternoon and that evening went to a previous favorite. I like their red snapper in garlic and olive oil but you really can get this dish many places. They used to have great margaritas but the devil must have taken over the bar because this ended up the worst margaritas of the trip. This is where we pledged to not eat anywhere we had eaten before. $50 for two with drinks and tip

Saturday 3/1 – La Casa Vieja – This is more like it, relaxing, great food, great service with some regional dishes. $80 included food, a nice bottle of wine and tip. Would go again.

Sunday 3/2 – Dona Licha – Excellent, local food, with a pitcher of aqua de jimica the bill was $8 including tip. Will go again, many times.

Monday 3/3 – Caprichos – Went here because of the guitar festival entertainment, Estephan Bello, Ruben Rayes & Roger Scannura. The dinner was very good, marinated fish salad, seafood pasta and another very pleasant bottle of wine. Food with wine and tip $80. The entertainment was $7 ($75 pesos) per person and worth a lot more. A great evening.

Tuesday 3/4 – Picante Sunset Cruise- It was a wonderful cruise but don’t expect anything more than just edible food. Lots of free drinks and a pretty good margarita.

Wednesday 3/5 – Rufos – after some appetizers at La Perla with some friends we went to Rufos for a light dinner, shared a salad and a pork dish. Food was good and for two, with one beer, $20.

Thursday 3/6 – Santa Prisca – It is Thursday afternoon, have to have pozole, fantastic, cost $11 with tip and a beer for two. Went to Sanka Grill for a very light dinner and listen to more guitar festival entertainment, David Feder, Paul Pigat and Eric McFadden.

Friday 3/7 – Fortinos – Located behind La Sirena Gorda this was our find of the week. Great marinated scallops and fabulous machaca. For two with 2 beers and tip, $18. Will definitely go back here. It seems that Fortina specializes in late afternoon and early evening dining so after 9:00 may have a problem.

Saturday 3/8 – De Donde Eres – Non Mexican with an Asian flare. Pleasant and funny young woman/owner. If you get tired of fresh seafood and Zihua food then this may be worth the trip but not for long. They lose their lease at the end of March and are moving to Australia

Sunday 3/9 – El Gabo – Only seafood, fresh, fantastic and cheap. Not much English spoken here so helps if you know a little Spanish. Large entrees and with a shared appetizer and two entrees we had too much food. Cost for two with drinks and tip was $30. Would go back again but will share an appetizer and an entree.

Monday 3/10 – La Cala – What can you say but the most beautiful setting in Zihuatanejo. This was a celebration dinner as we received verbal acceptance on a condo offer on La Ropa. I was getting a little tired of seafood(hard to believe) so I ordered a medium rare steak and my wife had the recommended Dorado over a bed of spinach. My steak was perfectly cooked and the fish dish was excellent. Not quite the plate presentation you get at Kau Kan but the food was every bit as good and the view can’t be beat. Total cost with a nice bottle of Chilean cabernet was $110. After four trips to Zihuatanejo La Cala get my vote for the most impressive high end dining in the area.

Have to put in plug for the Guitar Festival. Over 11 days including a free concert at the basketball court we heard 14 of the 21 participants. A great event and next year we may make a special effort to be in town just for the festival.


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