crocodiles at La Ropa

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Escrito por Linda from Canada desde ( el día jueves, 20 de marzo, 2008 a las 11:05:21 horas :

I am a bit surprised no one has written this one up- so I will. Some of you will recall I wrote about the very feeble little fence that was put up across the estuary in front of El Manglar restaurant at xmas time. It was to keep the people out of the water where the crocs live. The fence was put up on the right hand side of the bridge to the restaurant. No fence was put on the left of the bridge, so we were happy to see that Senor Coco could get to the ocean at night for his supper. Well of course there wasn't much of this fence left by the beginning of Samana Santa. And one of the crocs got stuck in the ocean- too many people on the shore watching him in the AM & he won't come home. The police got everyone out of the water around noon & the man who always wears the bright yellow outfit & carried a little croc around (mouth wired shut) for people to see was in the water trying to catch the homeless croc! He swam back & forth for about 1/2 hour, actually got contact a couple of times, but was not able to catch the little fellow. Does anyone know exactly who this guy is & what he does? Anyway, the croc swam away & the kabubble died dowm & people went back in the water. Just shows you, like most wild animals, the crocs would sooner run than fight! Now the fence has been repaired (using the term loosely) and there is also a fence on the left side of the bridge, so ....... who knows?

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