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Escrito por LadyM in Zihua desde ( el día viernes, 28 de marzo, 2008 a las 20:04:46 horas :

Well, first of all I had to cancel my first plan. You know how it is. You have everything all planned for plan A and then plan B shows up. So yesterday I did some home things. I cleaned the house, did laundry, and washed the car. Then I cooked hamburgers here at home for Julian and the family.

All these things because the person who was going with me to Petatlan canceled and instead we went today.

Also since I had a nice clean car I decided we should drive over instead of take the bus. So for those of you who wanted to know how much the bus was, I do not know the answer to that. But as we were driving along the bus we might have been on was passing so many cars on a no passing line that we were glad we were driving instead of being on the bus. Sometimes it is not good to see how it could have been.

We left here about 11:00 because Julia had a breakfast engagement that she could not fluff off. Someone's birthday breakfast, and for goodness sake at our age we need to celebrate every darned one of them to the fullest even if that means starting with breakfast.

First off when we got to Petatlan we were fortunate enough to get a great parking spot. Shade and everything. Knowing how scarce parking is in Zihua we felt very lucky. Julia insists she has a parking angel who helps her out but I figured we were just lucky. We then walked to the church and the streets around the church and were surprised at all the things that were set up for sale and more places for something to eat.

When we headed for the areas set up with temporary wares for sale I am not sure that either one of us was prepared for so much and such a large area. I can only say that blocks and blocks of tents and tarps and hundreds of booths is not exagerating. I had not been to the fair there in several years and I was impressed. BeeGee's and Queen CD's were selling for 20 pesos. New DVD's that are just now out in the theaters were 3 for 50 pesos. Glasses, clothing, candy, pizzas, boots, hats, western tac, plastics, games, toys, dishes, pottery, furniture, pots and pans, purses, wallets, and did I say shoes? Shoes of all kinds, makeup, flower making kits, appliances, baked goods, music and dvd players,radios, clocks and watches, blankets, and more, and more, and more stuff and it went on and on. I do think that we walked every where that we could and saw everything that we could see but we might have missed somethings. It is hard to say for sure. People have come from all over the country for this fair. It is not small or to be taken lightly. Some of the guys we talked to were from a town right outside of Mexico City. They must travel all over the country from fair to fair to have as much stuff as they do for sale. Hey, I do craft shows in Alaska at Christmas time and this was more just different.

Julia and I both bought several things and were surprised at the small amount we spent. I got Batman and Superman flip flops and a pink wallet for Julian, Emiliano, and Valeria. For myself I got a DVD cleaner, CD's, Dvd"s, a small mop and broom that is kid size so that when Julian and Emiliano want to help me with my cleaning I have something their size for them to use. I also did the fair-eat thing. I had gorditas, some hot spices dried mangos, and some fresh watermelon. I was tempted by lots more of the good looking dried fruit and nuts but am only able to eat so much at one time.

When we returned to Zihua we stopped at Commercial Mexicana as Julia was cooking dinner tonight and needed a few last minute things. Dropped her off and came for home. Talked to my Husband, Paul and son, Alan on the phone for about an hour and then checked in here to see what the day presented.

So there, Sue. Hope you had fun traveling with me on our day and that your day has been as good as outs. Nothing really planned yet for tomorrow, but it looks like Las Gatas might be a good place for Saturday. I can hear the waves from here but they do not sound as big as yesterday and the day before so maybe I will not have to close my eyes when I am on the water taxi tomorrow.

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