Spring Break Update

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Escrito por TT from MN desde (dsl-189-147-39-103.prod-infinitum.com.mx) el día martes, 01 de abril, 2008 a las 20:23:27 horas :

Mid-trip update: The Holy week crowds have all gone back to school and work leaving the main beach at Ixtapa positively deserted. Saturday the beach was abuzz with people, Sunday somewhat less, Monday somewhat normal and today I have finally experienced the off season level. The high tides and strong wave action have re-landscaped the beach profile, pushing sand up higher on the beach and creating a much more pronounced slope in the area that you normally walk on. Shells are mixed in with the sand in some areas. Waves have been lapping at the palapas in front of the hotels. When we went to Las Gatas on Monday it was just about deserted in the morning until a large number of Nationals from ACA showed up and brought the crowd level back to normal. Good to see that there is business for all! Going to Las Gatas without Mario at Brisas Del Mar just isnít the same for us as we were missing him and his family. The weather is perfect for this time of year. Wish we had a little of the heat back in Feb. The ocean is actually warmer now than when we were here in Feb. Usually it is cooler now and warmer in Feb. I donít have any good food reports as Iíve been out voted every night for dinner choices. Picky kids!! Thank you Emilioís for providing a decent pepperoni pizza. I have been visiting my favorite massage tent (#4) by Carlos & Charlieís, they are IMHO the best. The Beer Planet still has the best bang for a buck in Ixtapa. Thank you Alex! I won the vote for dinner tonight and we will be eating in Zhia!

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