Three smiles

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Escrito por Bob in Eugene desde (?) el día viernes, 04 de abril, 2008 a las 12:35:11 horas :

I am left with the lasting impression of two ear-to-ear grins from our recent trip to Zihua. The first was on the bus to La Barra. We got on the bus with my sister-in-law and her husband, Cathy and Mark, and, immediately after we took off, the driver cranked up the latin tunes on the radio. So, were driving through that area of the Mercado where there are carts of fruit and hanging chickens everywhere, curtains flapping in the breeze, and Mark is loving it. Then, about 20 minutes later, a man and his son get on the bus and proceed to play music and sing together, and the bus driver turns his music down so all can appreciate it. I look over at Mark, and hes grinning like a Halloween pumpkin. I think the bus to Barra was his favorite part of the whole week.

And then, on our last full day there, my wife Sue and I were taking a taxi back to the Catalina, when Sue noticed the driver kept looking up at my head. Im pretty tall, so I always ride up front. The driver, who was an older guy, asked me, in Spanish, how much Id paid for my sunglasses. Now, Im a cheapskate when it comes to sunglasses, and I always buy the least expensive polarized glasses I can find, so I told him that I paid about ten dollars. He asked me if Id sell them to him for 100 pesos. I pointed out to him that they werent new, but he kept after me about it. When we got to the Catalina, about a 30 peso taxi ride, I got out and handed him the glasses and asked Esta bien? He got this huge smile on his face and thanked me, and continued to wave at us, still grinning, until we disappeared into the hotel.

Now, even though its raining outside, I get to smile just thinking about it.

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