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En respuesta a: Hike to Playa Manzanilla from Las Gatas? escrito por Wanna Be In Zihua desde (?) el día lunes, 07 de abril, 2008 a las 17:23:51 horas :

There are details about hiking to Playa Manzanillo in the message board archives along with some photos, I believe. You can't get there very easily from Las Gatas, that would really be taking the long, hard way. Start from the far end of La Ropa where the coconut grove ends.

With the partial construction of a new highway that will eventually go from La Ropa to the airport, many of the old trails that crisscross the hills behind La Ropa have been torn up. The old path used to go straight up the hill beside Casa Tucanes then bear off to the left about 3/4 of the way up, crossing over to the other side at a dip in the hill beside a clearing that used to be a corn field and watermelon patch. I believe the new road crosses there now. The path then goes pretty much straight downhill and is strewn with lots of loose gravel, so good footwear and lots of care walking are essential, coming out precisely beside an arroyo at a small parcel of land that my wife and I own fronting Playa Pedregosa, the smooth-rock beach on the other side. From there bear left (north) and you'll see a steep but somewhat difficult footpath that climbs the small hill at the end of Pedregosa and crosses the small grassy peninsula separating Pedregosa from Manzanillo.

Take plenty of water (some oranges, bolillos and cheese may be a good idea, too) but leave your valuables at home.

The walk takes me about 30 minutes if I hustle (I've made it in 20), but most people in decent shape take the better part of an hour to get there.

Enjoy! I hear Casa Que Canta bought the small hillock between Manzanillo and Pedregosa, so whenever they start building expect the access and the pristineness to be adversely affected.

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