Isla Ixtapa zipline project cancelled

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Escrito por ZihuaRob desde ( el día martes, 08 de abril, 2008 a las 10:30:23 horas :

After first soliciting the "Ix-Extremo" zipline project for Isla Ixtapa after a similar project by the same company was rejected in Acapulco for suspicious irregularities including anomolies in the acquisition of permits and licenses, the mayor, who recently returned from a nice trip to Playa del Carmen at the taxpayers' expense, did an about face (read: saw the writing on the wall) and withdrew his support for the project, effectively cancelling the project. Another one bites the dust.

While he was in Playa del Carmen, the mayor met with the secretario federal de SEMARNAT and asked him NOT to report Zihuatanejo's bay water quality on their website. In other words, the mayor would apparently prefer to hide the pollution problem from our visitors and risk their health than tell them the truth, much less fix the problem. His party is more dedicated to cultivating votes and spending resources among the tens of thousands of squatters that his administration as well as the previous one (same political party) allowed on our hillsides (instead of placing them on more habitable lands on the outskirts of our city) than preserving and protecting OUR MAIN ATTRACTION: Zihuatanejo's bay and beaches.

Whether or not SEMARNAT continues to report on the water quality at our beaches (albeit in their usual untimely fashion), I will continue to inform readers here about it to the best of my limited abilities. Count on it.

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