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Thanks again to all who provided great advice for our first visit to Ixtapa/Zihua, March 31-April 7. For the most part, it was a flawless trip. Enjoyed meals at Momma Norma and Deborah, Tamales Any (Ixtapa location), La Sirena Gorda, Paty’s, Lety’s and Bandido’s. Our favorite for food was certainly the coconut shrimp at Lety’s while the atmosphere on the beach at Paty’s was something we’ll never forget. In general, I’ll agree with posters who’ve said they thought the food was very average. While there’s nothing high-end gourmet about the places we ate, we were also somewhat disappointed overall. In addition to Lety’s shrimp, the other high point for us was the pozole at Tamales. We stuck with bottled water and none of us had any stomach problems.

The Dorada Pacifica was great and my teen daughter really enjoyed the pool activities (beach volleyball, bags tournament, water exercise, bingo, etc). The competition to reserve pool/beach chairs is maddening and crazy (and apparently not a problem at other hotels). On one particularly bad day, when people in the beach chairs continued to bicker with the guards about who arrived first, we picked up our stuff and went next door to the empty beach at the Emporio. Bought food and drinks there in exchange for peace and quiet. Otherwise our room was always very clean, we enjoyed our view from the 16th floor (overlooking the pool at the Emporio) and the staff was extremely helpful and friendly. Foodwise, we had bananas and yogurt in our room each morning (purchased from Scruples). We ate lunch most days at the Dorado and the food was good. The swim up bar is awesome and everyone was always very friendly.

We took the Picante snorkel/sail trip and loved the scenery. The snorkeling was murky but the best part of the trip came later, when we saw humpback whales, two babies and a mother. Majestic! We probably won’t pay the $$$ to do this again, but for first timers, it was worth it. Great open bar all day and a decent lunch, as well. A coach bus takes you to and from your Ixtapa hotel to the boat in Zihua.

One downer came on Saturday night when a wedding was taking place at the Emporio. They had set up an outside disco, and the music blared until 3 a.m. Many guests complained to the front desk of the Dorado, but apparently nothing could be done. I’m sure that literally thousands of people in the surrounding hotel properties could hear this.

Another thing that made me mad was how we were treated at the airport when we arrived. I was prepared for the time share sharks, but the lady at the taxi counter actually handed my taxi voucher over to one of the sales guys and he wouldn’t hand it over to us until he got in his 5-minute talk. After nine hours of traveling with nearly 4 hours waiting in Mexico City in between flights, I was livid.

FYI Husband golfed at the Marina course but it was very hot by mid-morning. He was practically alone on the course. We wanted to go to the Island, but my daughter was really enjoying the Dorado and we decided to forego the hassle. I’m sure in the future we’ll also try to get to Las Gatas.

We loved our time in Zihua in the evenings and would consider staying at La Ropa. However, I could certainly return to the Dorado, as well, or any other hotel without all-inclusive. Our evenings dining out were always an adventure. We loved watching the girls’ basketball league, the musicians and the children selling gum. Little Diego, age 6 and missing a bottom tooth, became my daughter’s favorite.

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