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Escrito por Bonnie desde (?) el día martes, 15 de abril, 2008 a las 13:55:15 horas :

Having not attempted a trip report before, I began with the intention of it being brief…. So I’ll apologize right up front… that obviously didn’t happen.

We were in Zih for our third trip, from 3/11 to 3/25/08. We survived our first Semana Santa – and although we enjoyed the different vibe and experiences that those types of crowds foster...we are now duly inoculated and probably won’t choose to visit during holy week again.

Lodging: We stayed on La Madera at Bahia Suites, the Bahia Vista Bayside Condo (#12). Not having seen much info on the boards about this unit, thought there might be some interest. After booking sight unseen, we were very pleased with everything about the condo: the property manager, Carmen, is top-notch, always helpful; the view is absolutely the best (I hope to be able to include some pix ); the unit itself is great... a large, well-stocked kitchen, a more than adequate open living area and dining area. The bedroom with ½ bath can be closed off for privacy and turning on the A/C, or opened up to the living area. There is also a full bath. We loved it so much we have already arranged to return there in March 09.

Food: We’re foodies so this section is not so brief. We love having a unit w/ cocina and usually cook in quite a bit, getting meat, fruit and veggies from the Mercado and buying fresh fish on Principal in the a.m. Before leaving on this trip, we put together a list of restaurants that we hadn’t yet tried. We are very proud (and a few pounds heavier) to tell you that we managed to put a big dent in that list.
Tres Amigos - for dinner on our “incoming” day. We were tired and hungry and very pleasantly surprised & satiated by the pollo mole and dorado.
Bandidos - where we got hooked on their ensalada oporto.
Rufo’s - his grilled huachinango is excellent! The pork ribs must have been great as Ken wore a good-sized helping home on his pants!
Dona Licha’s – THE PLACE for desayuno and so convenient to Madera.
Lety’s - Bonnie is now in a 12-step program due to Lety’s heavenly coconut shrimp…. such ambrosia, that even Ken’s WHOLE fish staring at her from his plate could not dissuade. To be fair, Ken’s white fish was excellent once Bon tossed a well-placed serviette over those eyes.
El Manglar - we went fish-less that night with pasta primavera and the drunken pollo... both very good.
Zihua Pancake House - again, they have desayuno down pat! It’s all great!
La Gula: We can’t say enuf about the service here, so professional yet friendly. David, our mesero, has a wonderful sense of humor. Negrito de Zihua and Angeles a Caballo were our selections... muy rico on both counts!
Puesta del Sol - the pork loin w/ onion and bacon topping....OMG Yummy!

MJ & Ritchies, La Casa Café, La Sirena Gorda, and Arcadia are places we’ve been before and keep going back to.

Other: Though we spent most days taking in the gorgeous view from the condo; getting some sun and suds at MJ and Ritchies; going to the Mercado for supplies; or just exploring Zih. We did manage to drag ourselves away for a few outings.

·Wine tasting at LaPerla: Tony and Vicki from Vancouver arranged this get-together with Don Francisco hosting. One couple could not make it, but between our WA State wine, Tony and Vicki’s BC contribution and Francisco’s selections, we had a wonderful evening. We dined on Dona Raquel’s wonderful chili rellenos and enjoyed the evening immensely. A little secret?...the coconut ice cream there is out of this world! A not so little secret, Bon had her first taste of mezcal while watching a soccer match between Mexico and Canada in the lounge, and the walk from there to the taxi outside the restaurante was waaayyy longer and bumpier than it was previously……..
·Barra de Potosi: We made our second trip there. Caught the bus right outside of Dona Licha’s after desayuno and then the pasajera to BDP. We brought a suitcase of school supplies for Laura and the kids. Did not get to meet Laura as she was down with pneumonia. Hope she’s better. Stopped for some Munes coffee and spent the early afternoon at Nayarito’s (sp?) for some excellent camaronillas and margies.
·Las Gatas: Spent some time one afternoon at Otilia’s and as always, Franco took exceptionally good care of us.
·Left a clothing donation at Lupita’s for distribution.
·Thanks to my eagle-eyed hubby, we met Cindy of the famed Trek Trio briefly in Paccolo’s one night. Be forewarned, this beautiful spirit is very quick and energetic – blink and you’ll miss her!
·He also spied Lady M as she was arriving home and hollered out while pointing accusingly at me....“Carol! This is Bonnie from the board!” Even after that startling, most unusual introduction, Carol invited us up and we chatted for an hour or so. She’s an amazing lady with some wonderful stories. Thanks so much Carol for the lovely afternoon. Once I started reading your Mom’s book, I couldn’t put it down!
·Whale sighting: We spotted one (with the field glasses) breaching and spouting near the “rock island” just outside the bay, and were able to view it for about 45 minutes. Our first sighting in Zih.

Bonnie y Ken

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