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Escrito por Cri Cri desde (?) el día viernes, 18 de abril, 2008 a las 15:48:25 horas :

I want to thank everyone that helped me with posting Rob, Cindie for posting the Pix for me, Craig for puttin my photos on the board. and everybody that have an intrest in seeing old pictures of Z.

And to KR.."Matilda" brought tears to my eyes. I spent some time at Darwin during WWll. Our 380th Bm. Group flew in that part of the world. We were attached to the Royal Aus.t Air Force. About 10-12 years ago , the Gov.t of Australia invited our Group to their Bi-centennial. We were treated like Royality......Banquets with the Lord Mayors of Melbourne, Sydney, Alice Springs and Darwin. At one of the banquets, We ( flying members ) were each presented with the wings of the Royal Air Force. Quit an honor.
The 380th placed memorials at Melbourne and The airstrip at Darwin.

"Matilda" ALMOST got me a-dancin. Thanks. Have a Fosters for me!

You can see a Bio + paintings, and some of my drawings on the website:

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