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You have a treat in for you...

For swimming safety issues, I think it's important to distinguish the three ares/beaches of the 18 k long beach of which La Barra forms the southern most end. Sometimes people say Playa Blanca and mean La Barra and the reverse.

Playa Larga is at the northern end open sea and dangerous for swimming.

Playa Blanca in the center area. Let's say from the airport to Los Farallones and includes Hotel Las Palmas and Villas Playa Blanca. It takes about a 10 minute car ride to get from there into La Barra village and lagoon and swimming area. This is also mostly open sea and though it can be a lot safer then Play Larga it is still quite dangerous most days imho. Not to be taken lightly certainly even for strong swimmers (true of all the ocean of course but we are speaking relatively here to all these beaches)

La Barra is at the southern tip and is protected by the Hill of Guamilule and the hooked shape of the beach and the sand bar itself which connects the hill to the lagoon area. This almost forms a little mini-bay. I would rate the swimming safety here to third after Las Gatas and La Ropa. Some days it's like glass with just a slight gentle current to the north that will wash you up on the beach nearby slightly to the north if you float.

However, on a rough day - especially during the rainy season when the lagoon is open and there may be storms out to sea - you will see the local fishermen standing around looking at it... why? Because they are not going in.

You have to pay attention to the conditions on the day but generally it's fabulous swimming, great for a little body surfing as well as floating (always with your eyes open) beyond the break and children playing in the gentle beach surf always with adults watching them. PS... very clean water!

Now, to me the most exquisite swimming is in the lagoon - especially wonderful for families with children. Did you ever see that scene in the Johnny Weismueller Tarzan movie with Jane and Boy (I think it's when they go to New York at a later point in the movie) where the family swims together in a lagoon? I think they filmed that here (kidding but actually...)

PS: very clean water. During the closed up part of the year the water begins to get a little stagnant and there is a rich smell of slightly fermenting but not contaminated 'live' healthy water. To avoid that delicious aroma or appealing bubbles sometimes found along the edges, go to the deeper channels where there is more movement or visit when the lagoon is open like November early December.

Kayak rental is with Orlando (Que Vuelvan las Gaviotas enramada restaurant) or Arturo (La Leticia) You can work something out with either of them for a week I'm sure - if it's low season especially (meaning not Christmas or Easter).

You will find some photos of both and lagoon on our website. There are so many available now on the Internet.

Have a wonderful time!

Hasta pronto,

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