Trip Report 4/4 - 4/12

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Escrito por MickiM desde ( el día miércoles, 23 de abril, 2008 a las 14:44:21 horas :

Flight left SFO an hour late but arrived at Zihua airport only about 20 minutes late Friday April 4th. Navigated the gauntlet of time share salesmen with no problems and got our taxi into town. We spent our eight days at Villas El Morro. Didn’t get to meet Eduardo as he was on vacation but Esperanza was a complete angel. The hubby underestimated the number of shirts he needed so Esperanza volunteered to wash them for him. Needless to say, she got an extra big tip for the effort. View was absolutely phenomenal. Our suite was large and very comfortable. The A/C went out Saturday night so Esperanza had to call a tecnico on Sunday. That was quite an experience since he spoke no English except for “circuit breaker” and my Spanish is so rusty as to be almost non-existent. But we managed to get along just fine and he fixed the problem. Aaaahhhhh………..

Took a dip in the pool on Saturday and then set out to look for Comercial Mexicana. Got completely lost and a taxi driver took pity on us. Unfortunately, I ended up getting sunburn walking around this time. The sunburn wasn’t that bad but it looks like I have developed sensitivity to the sun. Everywhere the sun “touched”, I broke out in little red welts. Looked like I had the measles. The long sleeve shirt I had brought with me wasn’t cutting it so had to go buy a nice heavy cotton one. Ended up staying out of the sun as much as possible the rest of the trip which meant we weren’t able to make it over to Las Gatas.

We did not have a bad meal the entire time. Except for Saturday morning, we spent every breakfast/lunch at Casa Arcadia on Paseo de Pescador. After the first two days, it was almost like being part of the family. And just loved the nice breeze on that part of the beach. Dessert was one of their grande margaritas before we headed back up the hill to our room for a nap.

Friday night after we arrived and checked in to our hotel, we hit Bandido’s for drinks and dinner. They have absolutely fantastic food. I had the Molcajete Shrimp and my husband had the Chicken Cordon Bleu. Both were exceptional and more than filling.

Saturday night we hit La Sirena Gorda for fish tacos. I had forgotten that they were small so we had to get three orders but they were yummy!

Sunday night was a taxi drive to El Pueblito. I absolutely had to have the lamb barbacoa since I will eat lamb in just about every shape or form. We were not disappointed. Tender, juicy and delicious.

Monday through Wednesday I can’t remember in what order we ate where but here they are:
Daniels on Paseo de Pescador: First time there, hubby craved a burger and said it was outstanding. Can’t remember what I had that time but it was seafood.
Bandido’s: Return trip to Bandido’s for margaritas and split an order of Camarones Amante (shrimp in love). I can’t wait to try and duplicate this recipe as soon the weather warms up for grilling.
Pollo Feliz (I think this was the name): Little local restaurant with mesquite grilled chicken. Portions weren’t big but then neither was the price. Still it was enough to fill us up quite nicely.

Thursday night was back to Daniel’s for their version of Camarones Amante and fish filets stuffed with shrimp and octopus. Hubby had the shrimp and I had the fish filets. Both were outstanding. Couldn’t say much for the service though. On our first visit, the service was great but not the second time. Did have a different waiter this time and he was just incredibly slow even for Mexico.

Friday night, our last night, it was back to Bandido’s as we were starting to get low on pesos and we knew we could use a credit card. This time I had the Tequila Coconut Shrimp and my hubby had the Spaghetti Pescador. Both were outstanding (again!) but I have discovered that I really don’t like coconut. I ended up taking most of it back to the hotel so that my hubby could have it for breakfast the next day. I got his leftover spaghetti. Yum!!

Saturday April 12th was departure day. We had already arranged for a taxi the night before so it was just packing up and making sure we didn’t forget anything. It was incredible how quickly our 8 days passed when we basically did nothing! Eat and relax, eat and relax…. Repeat for 8 days.

Don’t know exactly when we will be able to make a return trip but it will probably be in January or February when it might be just a teensy bit cooler and less humid.

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