Be Careful After Dark

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Escrito por OasisGal desde ( el día domingo, 27 de abril, 2008 a las 08:45:46 horas :

The following was sent to me by my friend, Helen, and she asked me to post it.:

I was walking home tonight (escorted) when just in front of Dona Licha's I noticed a car driving kind of funny. I started to figure that something was going on when the driver smiled and looked at me and pulled a gun. He demanded money. At this point my escort and I got separated. The driver followed me and demanded money. I told him I didn't have any. He told me to throw him my purse, I said no (I know, don't anyone come back and tell me I'm stupid - tell me something I don't know). I ran behind a tree and started to scream like you have never heard before. The driver left, screeching his tires.
I'm OK. Shaking and sweating a lot, but, OK.
Just thought you should know that Zihua isn't as safe as you might think.

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