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I had a great "Honor flight" on the charter flight to Washington D.C. There were 70 WWll Vets on the flight + about 60 escorts and workers, including Drs. and nurses. We were told to leave our bilfolds at home. EVERYTHING
WAS FREE. There were 4 chqrter flights. WDAY radio in Fargo ND had many fund drives. over $600,000 was raised. All of the escorts paid their way,
at a discount. I had a nephew along, as my escort, to push my wheelchair.

I have tried about 6 times, to send you a message about our Heritage and Art Center. Always got a message " this is not a valid e-mail address." If you can get over to Twin Valley, I'll get up there. and give you a tour of the museum.
The city built the museum to display my paintings.....I:ll buy lunch!
Cri Cri
Were open almost every dqy from 12:30 - 4:30

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