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Escrito por Les in GFK desde ( el día miércoles, 14 de mayo, 2008 a las 10:35:14 horas :

En respuesta a: ¡Gracias, Les! escrito por ZihuaRob desde ( el día martes, 13 de mayo, 2008 a las 22:40:37 horas :

Thanks Rob. We spent three hours together at the Heritage & Arts Center in Gene's hometown of Twin Valley, MN. It's only a short ways from his home. Half of the building contains antique's the other half is Gene's artwork. I had brought along my Ipod touch and we went through my photo's of Zih, most taken this past Feb. The link to them is below. We reminisced about his early days in Zih when there was only one vehicle in town.
He had many kind words to say of you and Lupita and your family. We went through old scrap books containing a montage of his work & family, news articles about him, old Zih pictures etc. it was wonderful stuff. Wish i could remember it all, alas my memory still sucks.
Time flew by, we went across the street for lunch, his treat, thanks again. Talked about the honor flights, computers, hippies in Zih.
All told about 4 hours we spent together, me a stranger, but another who has love for Zihau. Gene had a small stroke just last week, hopefully his recovery will continue.
Curly, I found the Z t-shirt a few years ago in Zih of course, it was the biggest size they had, the lady said the supplier was going out of business, I have never seen another. It was to small for my tummy and I thought Gene would look really good in it getting off the plane in Mexico.
I also brought him one of Jorge Cadena's finger painting's, hopefully someday they'll meet.
Rob maybe you and Lupita should escape the heat for a week an visit Northwestern Minn.
Again Thanks Gene for a wonderful day, I'll never forget it even if a can't remember all the stories.

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