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Okay, amigo. After a nice, long siesta (GREAT custom!) I'm happy to address your points.

Re: tourist/visitor
I've lived most of my life where tourism is the mainstay economy. When you live in a place with lots of tourists/visitors you don't distinguish between the two, whether they stay two weeks or two months. They come, they go. They are temporary people, but they are also guests and should be made to feel just as welcome. We may even see a few we've seen before, since folks come back to places where they have good times. But when you live in such a place it doesn't take long to learn to keep your heart guarded because they can also be temporary friends and lovers.

Re: paradise
Man, you don't MOVE to paradise. Paradise is within you. What people move to is an illusion unless you actually have to work for a living, then there are no illusions about making the grade. When I moved here I gave up what I considered a great job with what I thought was a decent chance of upward mobility. The money, benefits, job security and future were good. Moving here meant I had to start over. I didn't plan on moving here, though I did take certain precautions knowing how spontaneous I am. My moving here was based on my love for my then-novia-now-wife, Lupita. It really had nothing to do with locat1on. But being that it is a place that thrives on tourism, the locals and I have always been happy to receive tourists/visitors. The problem begins with certain hotels and tourist "services" that contribute to the overall decline in ambiance and well-being of the place and its people. Added to the mass-marketing of Zihuatanejo by people who aren't from here (and even a few clueless wonders who claim they are) and in the past ten years things have really taken a major downward turn and the quality of living has notably deteriorated, even if "major" hotel numbers are up (remember, their money doesn't stay here). BTW, most of our "problem tourists" are nationals, not foreigners, just so you don't think I'm gringo bashing again.

Re: the website
I've had a few years to contemplate the double-edged sword that this website can be, and I'm confident that the website is NOT a problem. If someone finds this website then they are already searching the 'net for info about Zihuatanejo. It's not like a double-paged ad in the Sunday paper. If my website weren't here then the info that searcher would find would be very different and unreliable (and many folks find that website, too, where they seem more obsessed with bashing me than providing anything that could be considered reliable information... more clueless wonders and alkies to boot). The reason I began this website was because when I first searched the 'net for Zihuatanejo I found info about hotels that had been closed for over a decade, and I decided that wasn't right for our community or our potential visitors, so I set out to provide good info. Also, I accept NO PAID ADS, unlike every other website about Zihuatanejo. I'm not trying to sell anyone anything. I believe it is BETTER for our potential visitors to know truths about Zihuatanejo, warts and all, in order to make informed decisions, instead of, for example, finding out AFTERWARDS that the water they swam in may be a health risk to them. And I believe that if it weren't for this website there might well have been a pier built in the bay to accommodate cruise ships. I hope to persude cool folks like yourself to come on down while trying to steer away folks who would be happier elsewhere (and even if I can't steer them away at least I can ban'em, right?). That's where this message board has come in real handy. ;~)

So what I see that I do is to recommend services that I believe are reliable and that are also good neighbors (or at least not BAD neighbors, as some businesses that I don't list are). Whether that be real estate or restaurants, I prefer to list folks and services I know and trust than to leave such info to other websites, some run and dominated by some downright unethical b*st*rds and shysters, most trying to sell you something. You can find all the reliable info you need about our region within this website including the links I place to other recommended websites.

What Zihuatanejo needs are more people motivated by true love for Zihuatanejo, instead of greed or other personal motives, working to make this a better place for everyone.

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