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Escrito por Labrat desde ( el día jueves, 31 de julio, 2008 a las 14:18:03 horas :

En respuesta a: Re: z loss of tourism article escrito por ZihuaRob desde ( el día jueves, 31 de julio, 2008 a las 13:15:05 horas :

A Visitor returns, time and again.

A Tourist breezes though, takes what they came for, and regards I/Z as "been there, done that"

I disagree that defining the two is semantical.

As for the rest, (no disrespect intended) it's really the same rant, just attached to a different topic.

It is really the same the world over.

Someone finds what they define as THEIR paradise, and then wishes everyone (or most everyone) else, would just stop coming.

I can understand that aspect of your comments, I REALLY can!

BUT what continues to confound me, is if you TRULY feel that way, why then continue with the Website? At the very least, in it's present form?

Why not switch to a Spanish only version to attempt to "keep it local", and or, stop promoting the area entirely by shutting it down?

I am NOT trying to be flippant here. I can see the entire situation as a exercise in the Heisenberg principle.

And with the bandwidth of people that run though the site, you are certainly providing a wide open window for that "observation".

You just can't have the whole pie! (at least I haven't found a way to) By moving there, you brought change. By having this site, you bring more change. By providing all the real estate links, IMO you endorse that change. Then come the complaints.

Removing yourself from the equation, seeing this from the outside looking in, with NO personal interest, how would you characterize those actions?

I really am curious. (and I'm NOT trying to pick on you!!!)


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