Battle at La Barra

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Escrito por ZihuaRob desde ( el día sábado, 09 de agosto, 2008 a las 11:04:16 horas :

Well, it's begun. Developers are trying to run off locals to build a megaproject and a marina at La Barra de Potosí, apparently with the collusion of corrupt officials, allegedly including Petatlán's mayor. They are using some dirty tactics indeed, twice destroying the house of the ejiditaria who owns the land the developer is trying to steal. Marines and police were called to the site the day before yesterday to prevent a violent confrontation between workers for the crooked developer (the same one who last year tried to pay Zihuatanejo fishermen to leave the Laguna Las Salinas in Zihuatanejo in order to build a marina) and ejiditarios of La Barra.

This fight is far from over, but hopefully the crooked developers and corrupt officials will be exposed and punished before any more damage is done or anyone gets seriously hurt or worse. The folks at La Barra can certainly count on the support of their amigos here in Zihuatanejo!

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