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Escrito por Laura desde ( el día sábado, 09 de agosto, 2008 a las 18:08:35 horas :

En respuesta a: Battle at La Barra escrito por ZihuaRob desde ( el día sábado, 09 de agosto, 2008 a las 11:04:16 horas :

Wow... you go away for a little medical care and all h*ll breaks loose! This is not a surprise unfortunately, though it evokes fresh grief.

We do have organization in our local community of Barra de Potosi. (In fact isn't that evidenced by the action to prevent the taking of the Hill of Guamilule?)

We have a civil association in the village.We have fishing cooperatives and town meetings with our comisario. We have obtained clear information regarding planned megaprojects and have conducted numerous meetings over the years in which we have had the participation of excellent advisers from various Mexican Universities and other places.

With the help of the Facultad de Arquitectura e Urbanismo at La UAG (University Autonoma of Guerrero) we now have our own alternative Eco-tourism plan. This took a tremendous amount of work over two years and is of such quality that it won first place at SEMARNAP contest for such projects most of which are working projects in Mexico.

We are currently working on the biodiversity study with biologists and ecologists from la UAM in DF as part of our plan to seek protection for our at-risk of extinction and endemic species of flora and fauna.

We are trying on all the levels necessary to prepare ourselves with our own plan against the planned mega-projects. There are several which dovetail.

We have been aware for the development plans for years. discussion about this has occurred on this very board over these last several years. In fact we have been in possession of copies of the Fonatur/Federal/State megaproject for more then 3 years.

I know that the title of that land at the Hill of Guamilule has been in a complicated legal limbo with at least 7 people I personally know of who claim to have some claim on that title. What happened is that when the owner died (not from La Barra by the way but from La Sierra), his children proceeded to sell separately to multiple buyers - carrying them through to some stage of the purchase process but without ever completing the sale to any of them.

Obviously that is a mess. We have hoped that that mess would delay sale and development long enough for us to seek a general protection of our area though a well planned and developed alternative plan of our own combined with a Federal Protection through SEMARNAP. We want this and are working on it.

Obviously this is mammoth task - a dream - and one worth having. It is most certainly a David and Goliath challenge. Never-the-less I have been amazed at how much we have actually accomplished. Our UAG developed alternative Eco-Tourism plan for Barra de Potosi won first prize in the SEMARNAP contest for Eco-tourism project this past year for example.

Of course there is much to be done. Whether we can successfully stave off this type of mega-development is an extremely difficult concept and would be a kind of miracle if it happens. But we are trying anyway.

No one should think that the local villagers of La Barra de Potosi take a foolhardy, irresponsible or helpless, passive attitude about this. If you think it is that way, stop by and I will be happy to talk with you about what is being done which is considerable and has surpassed what I would have though possible in our tiny village where most are without any schooling. The layers of complication and difficult must all be addressed. While we work, we will also of course be so happy to receive all constructive offers for help.

We knew this was coming at some point soon. I am so frustrated that this is happening while I am away getting medical care for cancer. I wish I could be there to be helping right now... you have no idea how much.

By the way, I am doing well and will soon be back in La Barra early September if all goes well!

Hasta pronto,

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