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Escrito por Laura desde ( el día miércoles, 13 de agosto, 2008 a las 21:51:04 horas :

En respuesta a: La Barra conflict update escrito por ZihuaRob desde ( el día miércoles, 13 de agosto, 2008 a las 20:56:51 horas :

This is correct. I just got an email from one of my neighbors. She tells me that they tried to put of the chain link fence and in the midst of that men with guns positioned themselves up on the hill saying they will protect the land for the real owners. Then the police show up saying they will shoot if they see anyone up there so the guys with guns are hiding up there.

She tells me that a Suburban driven by an American guy tried to drive up to the land (remember that there is no road access). He tried to reach it by driving along the rocks on the edge of the shore line and the car actually fell into the ocean. She didn't mention the condition of the car and driver but said that that American guy threatened the Garibo family saying something like..."Tomorrow there will be a big 'party' up there with the Garibos". The locals are worried that this is not a good sign of what tomorrow might bring.

So things are rather tense up there at the moment and it's not the time to take a hike to see the amazing view from the top as we used to recommend.

I believe this will be worked out and this guy Bracamontes will have to leave. But I hope that no one up there on the hill gets hurt in the fury of this standoff.

This is such a crude attempt at a land grab. A little too crude to be pulled off this day and age with this much light being shined upon it. However, stupidity is reigning at the moment on the part of these land grabbing sharks. It's amazing.

Here's to peace, forbearance and knowing when and how to make a stand,

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